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‘You Have a New Dropbox Message’ Scam Emails

by Brett M. Christensen

Image: © depositphotos.com/Vadymvdrobot

If you use the file hosting service Dropbox, keep an eye out for fake notification emails claiming that you have new Dropbox messages.

The fake emails are scams designed to steal your account information.  They include links that you can supposedly click to access your messages.

If you click the links, you will be taken to a fraudulent website that claims that you must enter your email address and email password to access the Dropbox messages. Note that Dropbox will never ask you to provide your email account password to access a message or file.
Now that they have your login details, the crooks can hijack your email account and use it to conduct further spam, scam, and malware campaigns in your name. They may also be able to use the stolen login details to access linked services such as online file storage and app stores. So, once in, they can view and download personal files you have stored and conduct fraudulent transactions in the app store. In fact, they may manage to gather enough information about you to steal your identity.

Some versions of the scam may try to nab your Dropbox account login credentials or other personal information as well.

And, fake dropbox notification emails are also used to distribute malware.

Details such as the subject line and the number of files or messages may vary in different versions of the scam emails.

Dropbox scam emails are quite common.

The Dropbox website includes information about protecting yourself from phishing scams and malware attacks.

An example of the scam email:

Subject: You have a new Dropbox messageHello,

A user has sent you (3) important Files/Documents using Dropbox.

Download Message to view Files/Documents

Download Message

View Message Online

Happy Dropbox Message Viewing!

-The Dropbox Team

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