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‘You Got Owned’ Fake Blackmail Sextortion Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

According to this email, the sender has installed Remote Administration Tool (RAT) malware on your computer and has created a compromising video of you.

Supposedly, the malware allowed the sender to record video of you masturbating and collect “everything” from your computer, including your contact list and private photos and files.

The sender threatens to forward the video and private files to all of your contacts and post them on social media if you do not pay him $2000 in Bitcoin.

But, the claims in the email are untrue. The sender has not made a compromising video of you, he has not stolen files from your computer, and he does not have a list of your contacts. The message is just a bluff designed to panic you into sending money to online criminals.

Fake sextortion scams like this one are common and take many forms.  These scammers send many thousands of identical messages to random email addresses in the hope that at least a few recipients will be tricked into sending money.
Often, the scammers attempt to increase the chances that their claims will be taken seriously by including a password associated with one of the recipient’s accounts.

Because of the included password, recipients may believe that the scammers really have accessed their computer. However, the scammers are collecting these passwords and using an automated script to match the password with the associated email addresses from old data breaches. In many cases, the passwords in the emails are very old and no longer being used.

However, if the email includes a valid password that you currently use, you should change the password immediately.  You can check if an account has been compromised in a data breach by entering the associated email address into Troy Hunt’s excellent  “have i been pwned” service.

I discuss the password versions of these scams in more detail in a separate report. 

If you receive one of these scam emails, do not reply or respond in any way. Just hit the delete key.

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Subject: You got owned – [User Password]


I know your password is: [Removed]

Some time ago I infected your computer with mine private malware ( RAT ) Remote Administration Tool.

I collected absolutly everything from your computer, your private photos, videos, all contacts, I got access to all your accounts.

My malware even gave me control over your webcam and microphone, yes, such things exist, you can google it!


You know this all isn’t a joke! You got the proof above!

After that I removed the malware, right now it’s no longer on your computer.

What you think will happen, if I publish absolutly everything on social network, to all your contacts, and everywhere else?!

We both know that your life won’t be the same.

So I give you the chance to stop me, pay exactly: 2000$ with bitcoin.

I think it’s a very good price, compared to living hell.

If you don’t know where to buy bitcoin, Google: “Where to buy bitcoin?”, it’s very easy for example with credit card.

Your wallet to receive and send bitcoin you can create here:

My wallet is: [removed]

Copy and paste my wallet, it is (cAsE-sensitive).

I give you few days time to get the bitcoin and pay me, I won’t wait too long!

After I have received the payment, you never will hear from me again, I will remove everything and you can continue living your life in peace like before.

Don’t show this email to anyone, this is our little secret!


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