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Yet Another Dying Widow Advance Fee Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

I’ve now been writing about scams and hoaxes for around 12 years. I have an archive containing thousands of advance fee scam emails. A goodly portion of them are very similar to the “dying widow”  scam I’ve quoted below.  But, despite a great deal of publicity about advance fee scams, people still fall for them. Every day. All over the world. 

Of course, if you replied to  “Mrs. Malauren Ryan’s” email for more details as requested, you would very soon be asked to send money to allow your unexpected “windfall” to be processed. “Malauren” will claim that you must pay various fees upfront or the deal will fall through. Supposedly, the money must be sent to cover banking, insurance, tax, and a host of other – totally imaginary – fees.   If you had the temerity to ask that said fees be payed out of the supposed donation itself, you would be sternly told that such a process would violate various laws and simply would not be possible. The scammer will warn you that, should you not be willing or able to pay the requested fees, the ‘fortune’ will be given to somebody else instead!

And “Malauren” will  also insist that you provide a large amount of your personal and financial information, ostensibly so that you can verify your identity and facilitate the transfer of the funds.

But, alas, there IS no inheritance and the email is from a grubby little criminal, not a dying widow.  Any money sent will be pocketed by the scammer. And, if you have sent enough of your personal information during the course of the scam, you may also have your identity stolen.

You most probably know about this type of scam and others of its ilk already.  But don’t assume your friends, work-mates, and family members know about them as well.  You might be surprised!

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Greetings of peace and happiness to you,My name is Mrs. Malauren Ryan, I am terminally ill and have decided to donate my inheritance from my husband to you. No doubt, you may wonder how I got to know you and your information, and what informed my decision to Will my fortune to you, Dear, you have no cause to worry about these questions, I mean no harm.Regarding how I got your personal details, it is through the the help of the nurse assigned to attend to me in my private ward in this hospital, because I cannot surf on my own due to partial stroke, it is the nurse who surfs for me under my direction because I feel to donate my fortune to an individual and your profile was chosen.

I am 58 years old woman with no child and have been diagnosed of acute cancer for about 2 years now, shortly after the death of my husband here , which made me hypertensive and resulted in stroke. In my present condition, life is without meaning to me and hope has since eluded me, each day I give my entire existence a thought, I feel over powered by gloom and despair, also saw nothing but death lurking around, All these are my reasons for deciding on using anything in my name for charity in which co-incidentally you have been favored as the beneficiary.I must tell you that I was truly touched by my inner mind to take this decision action, and I will advice you don’t see your windfall as avenue for pleasure spree but should see it as an opportunity to build and grow your personal finances to an enviable level and help others, for both your benefit and the benefit of others, always put me in your prayers and ask God to forgive my sins and trespasses.I shall be undergoing major operations in less than two weeks from now and have willed my inheritance funds to you and to help the less-privileged around you.

If you are sure that you will use the donated fund as I have advised here, get back to me for more details.Thanks and regards

Mrs. Malauren Ryan
e-Mail: ssmrsryan@aol.com

Advance Fee Scam

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