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Wrestling Star Undertaker is NOT Dead Outline

by Brett M. Christensen
Undertaker Death Hoax


Message circulating via social media claims that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Undertaker has died of a neck injury while practicing with a WWE co-star.

Brief Analysis

The claims in the message are false. Undertaker is alive and well.


Undertaker Death Hoax Post

The Undertaker of World Wrestling Entertainment died in a neck injury while practicing a wrestling stunt with WWE co – star John Cena. Police are now investigating. Watch the practice video and their effort to save THE UNDERTAKER (for 18yrs & above) –>
[link removed]


Detailed Analysis

According to a rapidly circulating Facebook message, Undertaker of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fame has died of a neck injury. The message claims that Undertaker succumbed to injuries sustained while practicing a wrestling stunt with fellow WWE star John Cena and that police are investigating. A link in the message claims to open a video of the accident.

However, the claims in the message are untrue. Undertaker, aka Mark William Calaway, is alive and well. There are no credible reports that he has been killed or even injured. In fact, reports indicate that Undertaker appeared at a wrestling event in Florida well after the above message began circulating. There are also no reports about Undertaker’s supposed demise on the WWE website.

It appears that this false story may have been an attempt to drive people to a Facebook app page by tricking them into clicking a link in the mistaken belief that they could see video footage of the wrestling stunt that supposedly killed Undertaker. The page that the link opened now displays a “Not Found” error message which suggests that the app may have already been removed from Facebook.

The rumours of his death are also spreading via Twitter, email and SMS. The rumours are nothing new. Over the past several years, other false reports about Undertaker’s demise have also surfaced.

Thus, Undertaker fans need not be concerned. The star is not currently in need of a member of the profession he is named after.


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