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Woolworths $200 Coupon Facebook Giveaway Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

According to a post that is making its way rapidly around Facebook, major Australian supermarket chain Woolworths is giving a $200 coupon to everyone who shares the link.

The post, which claims that the coupon giveaway is for today only, features an image depicting a Woolworths storefront.

However, the post is yet another Facebook giveaway scam. It has no connection to Woolworths and those tricked into participating have no chance whatsoever of winning a $200 coupon or any other prize.

Like the endless parade of very similar scams that have proceeded it, the fake giveaway is designed to fool Facebook users into divulging their personal details on dodgy websites.

If you click the post, you will be taken to a fraudulent website that features the Woolworths logo along with a short survey about your previous shopping experience with the company.  After you complete the survey, the site will pretend to check your answers before announcing that you have won a coupon. In fact, all visitors to the site are told that they have won regardless of what survey answers they provide.

Next, you will be told that you must share the page on Facebook and tag or mention ten friends. If you proceed, you will be helping the scammers promote their fake giveaway across Facebook.

After sharing as instructed, you can then click the “Claim Coupon” link. But, you won’t be taken to a coupon claim page as you might expect. Instead, one of several decidedly dodgy websites will open in your browser. These sites promise the chance to win various prizes or free offers in exchange for registering with your name and contact details.

The details you provide will be passed on to “site sponsors” and third-party marketing companies who will then bombard you with unwanted emails, text messages, and phone calls promoting a range of dubious products and services.

Companies that use such fake giveaways to promote themselves should never be trusted with any of your personal information.
If this fake post crosses your Facebook News Feed, don’t be tempted to participate. To reiterate, you have zero chance of getting the coupon because the people who created the bogus giveaway do not have any coupons to give. And, by participating you will be helping Facebook crooks scam your friends and family.  These fake giveaways are NOT harmless.

Just don’t do it! And. please help to stem the tide of these scams by letting the person who posted it know that the giveaway is not real.

A screenshot of the scam post:

Woolworths Coupon Giveaway Facebook scam post

A screenshot of the scam website:

Woolworths Coupon Giveaway Facebook scam website

Transcript of the scam post:

Woolworths has declared that everyone who shares this link will receive $200 coupon! TODAY ONLY.