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Why Do Smart People Fall For Dumb Hoaxes and Transparent Scams? (Article Has Been Moved)

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Every day, thousands of Internet users fall for silly hoaxes and transparent scams. Why? Many commentators suggest that all of the people who fall for such scams and hoaxes are just plain stupid. But, this is not true…

This article has now been revised, updated, and moved to a new home on Medium.

You can read the new version here:

Why Do Otherwise Smart People Fall For Obvious Scams and Hoaxes?

Recent Posts:

2020 Ram 1500 Facebook Giveaway Scam

According to a post currently being distributed on Facebook, you can get a chance to win a free 2020 Ram 1500 truck just by sharing, commenting, and clicking a link to register.

Fake USPS ‘Problem With Your Package’ Email Links to Malware

According to this email, which purports to be from the United States Postal Service (USPS) there has been a problem with your package.

More Fake Argos TV Giveaway Scams Hitting Facebook

According to a post that is currently being shared on Facebook, UK retailer Argos has decided to do something special by giving away 200 TVs that are sitting in the company's warehouse.

‘Argentina is Doing It’ Hoax Message Still Circulating

According to a message that began circulating via WhatsApp in July 2020,  you should not open a video called "Argentina is doing it". Supposedly, opening the video will hack your phone.

‘New Security Features’ Email Account Phishing Scam

According to this message, which purports to be from webmail software provider Roundcube, your email account needs to be updated with new security features. 

Snake Caught in Spider’s Web Photographs

This series of unusual photographs depicting a small snake caught in a spider's web has been circulating via social media and email since 2008.

SARS ‘Confirm Epayment Notice’ Phishing Scam Email

According to this "credit notice" email, which claims to be from South African tax agency SARS, you need to confirm your epayment  returns by opening an attached file 

‘Password Expired’ Email Account Phishing Scam

According to this message, your email account password is about to expire. It instructs you to click a link if you want to keep using the same password. 

Facebook ‘ID Verification’ Phishing Scam

According to this email, which purports to be from Facebook, your Facebook account has been "temporarily disabled for identity check". 

Amazon ‘Your Order Has Been Placed’ Phishing Scam

According to this would-be notification email, which purports to be from Amazon, an order has been placed via your account. 

SARS ‘Posted Funds Notification’ Tax Refund Phishing Scam

According to this email, South African tax agency SARS has confirmed your filing and credited your account with your refund.

‘We Have a Surprise for Australia Post Customers’ Survey Spam Email

According to this widely distributed spam email, Australia Post customers have a surprise waiting for them if they click a link. 

‘Confidential Image’ Email Phishing Scam

According to this email, the "server administrator' has sent you a confidential image.  Supposedly, you can click a button in the email to view the image. 

‘$500 million Pandemic Giveaway’ Advance Fee Scam Email

This email purports to be a final notice regarding a large sum of money that you have supposedly won in the "Exxon Mobil Grand Prize Sweepstakes". 

‘Free Round Trip Tickets from Southwest Airlines’ Facebook Giveaway Scam

According to posts that are currently appearing on Facebook, Southwest Airlines is giving 500 people free round trip flights to their desired destination.  

Beware of Scam Calls About Amazon Prime Subscriptions

Criminals continue to victimize people via scam calls that are supposedly related to Amazon Prime subscriptions. [TopContentAd] Here's how these scams typically work: You receive an automated call claiming that your credit card has been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription.  The message claims that your personal information has been used to purchase the subscription…

Watch For Fake Avan Motorhome Giveaway Posts on Facebook

Various posts currently appearing on Facebook are claiming that you can win an Avan Ovation Motorhome just by sharing and commenting.

SCAM – Fake Qantas Facebook Page Promising Free Flights

According to this Facebook post, Australian airline Qantas is giving away free flights in exchange for commenting and sharing.

‘For the Mutual Benefit of the Orphans’ Advance Fee Scam

According to this email, a wealthy widow diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour needs your help to distribute a multi-million dollar investment fund "for the mutual benefit of the orphans and the less privileged ones in your location".

‘You Received a Voicemail’ Phishing Scam Email

Keep an eye out for fake Microsoft emails that claim that you've received a voicemail and should click a link to listen to it.  

‘Email Termination Has Been Processed’ Phishing Scam

According to this message, which purports to be from "Mail Control", I sent a request to terminate my email account. 

Apple ‘Your Account Has Expired’ Phishing Scam

According to this email, which was supposedly sent by Apple, your account has expired and you can read more information in an attached PDF.

‘Coronavirus Compensation’ Advance Fee Scam

According to this email, "administrator and management" have decided to award all of their email users with a coronavirus compensation payment. Supposedly, you have been selected to receive a "lump amount" of $250,000 USD and should contact the "payment remittance center" to claim your payment. However, it hardly needs to be said that the email…

‘We Add New Photos’ — Google Photos Scam Email

This email, which appears to have been sent by Google Photos, claims that new photos have been added to your album.

Fake ‘Security Update’ Email Targets LogMeIn Users

If you use the remote access service LogMeIn, keep an eye out for a fake email claiming that a security update has been released. [TopContentAd] The email is a phishing scam designed to steal your LogMeIn account access credentials. The email, which features the LogMeIn logo, has the subject line "A New Update Has Been…

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