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Walmart ‘Free 85% Off Coupon’ Facebook Scam

by Brett M. Christensen


In November 2018, another variant of this scam appeared. According to a post being shared on Facebook, Walmart is giving away free $50 off coupons to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Yet another coupon giveaway scam is hitting Facebook.  This version claims that giant US retail chain Walmart is giving everyone a free 85% off coupon as a means of celebrating shopping week.  

The post instructs you to share and comment on a promotional video, like the associated Facebook Page, and click a link to register your entry.

However, the post is fraudulent. It is not associated with Walmart and those who participate have no chance of getting the promised coupon. Like the countless other fake giveaways that have preceded it,  the post is designed to trick people into spamming their Facebook friends and submitting their personal information on scam survey sites.

Facebook scammers are increasingly using video as a means of reaching even more victims.

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Here’s what the scam post looks like:

Walmart is giving Free 85% off Coupon to Everyone today to celebrate Shopping Week
Share & Comment “Thanks Walmart” on this video to get your coupon. Once Your share & comment is confirmed we will send your coupon to your inbox within 5 hours.
Register your entry at [link to scam website removed]
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Good Luck!!

Walmart 85% Off Scam Post