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Viral Video Showing UFO Emerging From Behind Cloud

by Brett M. Christensen


A video going viral via social media appears to show a UFO emerging from behind a cloud and then shooting down bolts of blue light. A message that comes with some versions of the video claims that the video is ‘being deleted all over the Internet’ and asks users to share because the ‘truth is happening’. 

Brief Analysis

Alas, the footage does not depict a real UFO. The video is part of a viral marketing campaign created by a Brazilian advertising company called Atitude Comunicacao. The promotion, which launched back in 2011, was for pizza box advertising company, Pizzboxx. A follow-up video (shown below) reveals the true purpose of the advertising campaign.




Detailed Analysis

A rather compelling video, which supposedly depicts a strange flying craft, is currently going viral via social media. The footage, which seemingly comprises amateur video shot from beside a busy roadway, shows the UFO partially emerging from behind a cloud before emitting pulses of blue light that shoot down to the ground.

A breathless ALL CAPS message that sometimes travels with the video claims that the video is being deleted all over the Internet and urges people to share as much as possible because the ‘truth is happening’. The video has, of course, generated a good deal of wild and wide-eyed speculation, mostly dealing with alien visitors and government cover-ups. 
Sadly, in this case at least, the ‘truth’ is a little more mundane. The video is part of a 2011 advertising campaign designed to promote the services of AtitudeMediaBox, a Brazilian affiliate of German pizza box advertising company, PizzBoxx. The campaign was created by a Brazilian based advertising company, Atitude Comunicacao, which appears to be a company associated with AtitudeMediaBox.

An AtitudeMediaBox webpage about the campaign explained that the company wanted something unusual so they created the ‘Ovni Rondon’ video, which quickly gained the attention of the Brazilian media and soon went viral.

A following up video, available on Atitude Comunicacao the YouTube channel, reveals the true purpose of the original video:

But what of the claim that the video is being deleted all over the Internet? Well, given that the video – along with a host of silly messages about it – are currently ‘all over the Internet’ and remaining steadfastly undeleted, that claim pretty much debunks itself.

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