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Veronica John Garang ‘Mutual Investment Request’ Scam Email

by Brett M. Christensen

According to this email, the wife of the late Sudanese politician and leader John Garang needs your help to transfer and process the sum of $22 million. And, “Veronica”  is willing to give you 20% of this fund in exchange for your help.

John Garang was a real person but this email is not from his widow or any other relative.  And the fund described does not exist. Instead, the email is a typical advance fee scam that is designed to trick you into sending your money and personal information to criminals.

If you reply, you will soon be asked to send money to cover various imaginary expenses that are supposedly required to allow the fund transfer to take place. When the criminals have taken as much of your money as they can fool you into parting with, they will simply disappear. And, if they have tricked you into sending them your personal and financial information, they may also manage to steal your identity.

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A copy of the scam email:

Mrs. Veronica John Garang

Plot 176 Block No.111 G.R.A,  Jebel Kujur , Juba ,South Sudan.

Mutual Investment Request.

Dear Friend/Partner,

This message may come to you as a surprise, but be assured it is in good
faith from a widow in need. I am MRS. VERONICA JOHN GARANG the wife of
late vice president of SUDAN, DR JOHN GARANG who happens to be the former
died on Saturday 30th of July 2005 on a sabotaged helicopter crash just
three weeks after his inauguration on the 9th of July in our capital
(KHARTOUM may his gentle soul rest in peace. I got your contact through
nature of the business to them during the process of searching for a
reliable individual/company who can assist my family in transferring the
sum of US$22 Million (Twenty Two Million United States Dollars only in a
private or company account overseas for safe keeping/investment hence I
decide to write you.

Originally the money was mapped out to procure arms and ammunitions for
the SPLM military wing and my husband was solely in charge of organizing
this purchase. Unfortunately, as the news of the peace agreement reached
my husband while he was still in South Africa to make the arms
procurement, he used the opportunity to divert this money for our family
future use. He was fortunate to be in Spain through South Africa when the
news came and he deposited this money in a sealed consignment (CASH) as a
family valuable for security reasons in a sealed metal box containing the
fund with a private fiduciary company in Spain. After depositing the money
he came back and notified me and my son (ROLAND ALFRED GARANG) about the
money ,he also handed over the documents to us before he was inaugurated
along with other top SPLM officials, the cabinet of the incumbent
president OMAR AL BASHIR has denied any government involvement in masterminding the death of my beloved husband.


As a family we have agreed to offer you 20% of the total sum of
money for your assistance 5% has been mapped out for both local and
international expenses that will be incurred by both of us in the course
of this transfer and the remaining 75%will be for my family investment in
your country through your advice. You have to understand that continuous
existence of my family depends on this fund. That is why I have taken the
responsibility of making this initial contact for my family.


Therefore on acceptance of this proposal you can contact my son ROLAND ALFRED GARANG
who is currently a political asylum seeker in Spain, his direct email:  for more details on this situation. Our country
has successfully voted in a referendum to become a sovereign nation
therefore it is now the right time for us to move this fund. Every plan concerning this transaction has
been completed. I am assuring you that this transaction is 100% risk free
but requires absolute trust and confidentiality. Furthermore the current
crisis in my Country has made it imperative that we must seek for a
reliable partner in whose account the fund will be transferred to, hence
my initial contact to you on behalf of my family.

Yours faithfully

For the family.

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