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‘Type WINNER Letter By Letter’ HP Laptop Giveaway Facebook Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

According to a post that is being shared widely across Facebook, tech company HP is giving away 50,000 brand new laptop computers to Facebook users.

Supposedly, for a chance to win, you need to type the word “WINNER” letter by letter without being interrupted by another competitor.  The post, which includes the HP logo and images that supposedly depict the prize laptops, instructs you to message the Facebook Page when you have finished commenting.

However, the post has no connection to HP and those who decide to participate have no chance whatsoever of winning a laptop. No laptops are being given away.

The fake giveaway is designed to increase the popularity and like count of the bogus Facebook Page that published it. Via the fake giveaway, the Page can gain a great many likes and shares, thus significantly increasing its “reach” on Facebook. The bogus Page can then publish more scam posts that will be seen by an even larger pool of potential victims.

By stipulating that participants must comment with one letter at a time until they have completed the word “WINNER”, the scammers substantially increase the number of comments that the post attracts. The more comments, the more promotion for the fake Facebook Page.

And, if users are “interrupted by another competitor” while attempting to add their letters, they may well start over, which adds even more comments.

Moreover, the scammers can set up a personal dialogue with people who send a message after participating.  The crooks may be able to trick people into divulging their sensitive personal information by claiming that they have won a laptop and must now complete a prize claim.

Please don’t participate in this fake giveaway or the hundreds of other such scams “just in case” they are real. There are no prizes and you have zero chance of winning. And, by participating you are not only helping scammers but also exposing your friends and family to the scams.

A screenshot of the scam post:

HP Laptop Giveaway Facebook Scam

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