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The ‘Egg in Cola for 24 Hours’ Video is Just a Prank

by Brett M. Christensen

A video that is currently circulating via social media websites purportedly shows what happens when an egg is soaked in cola for 24 hours.

The video shows an egg being placed in a glass and then covered with a mixture of Coke and Pepsi. Supposedly, after being left in the cola mix for 24 hours, the egg has become completely transparent and very squishy.

The implication is that the chemicals in the cola have fundamentally transformed the properties of the egg.

Here’s the video:

However, the video is just a prank.

In the final sequence of the video, the egg has simply been replaced by a splat ball squishy toy like those available at this Amazon listing:

Squishy Egg Toy on Amazon

Here’s a video showing such squishy eggs in action:

So, the video is just a harmless prank.

Reportedly,  the shell of an egg immersed in vinegar WILL dissolve over time resulting in a somewhat transparent shellless egg. Some reports also claim that cola will begin to break down eggshell if left long enough.

So, in the interests of science, I decided to conduct an experiment using cola in one glass and vinegar in another.

Egg in Coke


It appears that the vinegar is already starting to dissolve the eggshell after just a few hours. So far there is no change in the coke egg.

But, of course, even if the shell does fully dissolve, the result will be nothing like the squishy, stretchy, fully transparent “egg” depicted in the circulating video.


After about three days, the egg in the cola remains unchanged except for some discolouration of the shell. The egg in the vinegar is now soft although the shell remains intact so far.

Importance Notice

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And finally, after 18 years of writing about scams and hoaxes, I feel that it is time for me to take my fingers off the keyboard and focus on other projects and pastimes.

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