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The Curious Case of Ham-Face Girl (And Poor Ted From Hoax-Slayer)

by Brett M. Christensen


Of course, the majority of Internet users will know immediately that the girl in this picture just has a piece of ham on her face and she is neither suffering from an incurable skin condition nor getting a $1 donation from Facebook every time someone shares and likes her ham-covered visage. But, alas, in every crowd there is a hapless few who will believe and share just about anything that comes their way, however absurd or improbable. At least until one of their long-suffering friends send them a link to a report that debunks the message as a hoax. (Sometimes, not even then).

Others have wondered about the origin of the photo.

People tend to post the message below as a parody of the seemingly endless stream of nasty sick child scams that circulate via Facebook. And, certainly, anything that derides and exposes those disgusting scams that use stolen image of sick and injured children just to get likes and shares is fine in my book.

But, you might ask,  where did the ham-face girl image come from in the first place? In fact, the picture in the circulating message is a just a screenshot taken from a popular YouTube video showing ham-face girl in action. The video was uploaded to YouTube back in 2007 and since then has amassed well over a million views.

The youngster has become a legend in her own lunch time, so to speak. And should you harbour any lingering doubts as to the child’s condition, a full viewing of the video should put your concerns to rest. Underneath the ham, the girl’s skin looks perfectly fine, although she is obviously quite skilled at hamming it up and may be destined for a future career in comedy (or perhaps the food promotion industry).

And, while we are here, we should also mention the now famous ham face dog, who we discuss in more detail in another report.

But, alas, I have sad news. In an ironic twist, long time Hoax-Slayer staff member ‘Ted’ apparently caught the terrible skin condition while researching for this article and is now BEARly able to function. He urgently needs to go to New Zealand for treatment at a specialist medical facility. If you would like to help fund my holiday to New Zealand Ted’s life-saving trip, please send stacks of money care of Brett at Hoax-Slayer. 🙂

Ham Face Ted


This girl has incurable skin condition. Facebook has agreed to pay $1 towards her treatment for every share and like.

Ham Face Girl

Last updated: February 16, 2016
First published: February 16, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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