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Tesco ‘£70 Voucher For Anniversary’ Facebook Giveaway Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

According to a post that is currently being shared on Facebook, Tesco is giving everyone a £70 voucher to celebrate its 101st anniversary.

Supposedly, all you need to do to get the voucher is click on the post and share a link. The post features an image that appears to show one of the £70 vouchers.

However, the post is a scam and it has no connection to Tesco. Those who participate will never receive the promised voucher.

If you click on the post in the hope of getting your free voucher, you will be taken to a scam website that fraudulently uses Tesco branding to make it appear authentic. Once on the site, you will be asked to answer a few questions about your previous shopping experiences with Tesco. But, no matter what answers you give, the site will declare you a winner. The survey is just a ruse to make the giveaway seem more legitimate.

Next, you will be told that, before claiming your voucher, you must share the page on Facebook and add the comment “thank you”. By following these instructions, you are helping the scammers promote their fake giveaway and gain many more victims.

After sharing and commenting, you can then click a button labelled “Receive the voucher”. Exactly where you are taken after clicking may depend on the device you are using, your location, and other factors.

You may be redirected to a fake website that falsely claims that you must update Flash Player on your computer before receiving the voucher.

In fact, the supposed update has no connection to Adobe Flash Player. If you fall for the ruse and update as instructed, you will install browser hijacking malware. Once installed, the malware can replace your browser’s default start page and search engine, automatically redirect you to malicious websites, show malicious popups, and otherwise interfere with your browser and privacy settings. Removing the malware can often be difficult.

In other cases, clicking may take you to a dodgy website that offers the chance to win further prizes in exchange for registering with your name and contact details.  But, the information you submit will be shared with marketing companies who will subsequently flood you with unwanted promotional material.

Voucher and coupon giveaway scams like this one are very common on Facebook and use the names of many well-known stores around the world. Be wary of any Facebook post that claims that you can get a valuable prize just by sharing and commenting and clicking a link.

A screenshot of the scam post:

Fake £70 Tesco Voucher Facebook Post


TESCO has announced that everyone who shares this link will be sent a £70 voucher to celebrate 101 Anniversary!. TODAY ONLY

A screenshot of the scam website:

Tesco Voucher Giveaway Scam Website

Screenshots displaying two of the bogus update pages:

Fake Flash Player Update 1

Fake Flash Player Update 2