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Serena Williams Interview Hoax

by Brett M. Christensen

This hoax message claims that tennis star, Serena Williams, has made outrageous comments about her dating preferences in an interview. 

The bogus interview transcript claims that Ms Williams prefers to date white men rather than black men. According to the email, Serena was supposed to have stated, “let’s be real. If you are a successful black female you only have two choices….date outside of your race or date other successful black females”.

The “interview” goes on to record a host of other disrespectful comments that denigrate African-American males.

The tennis star has vehemently denied that any such interview took place and is said to be angry and distressed about the rumour. According to an article on EURWEB.com, Ms Williams said, “Words cannot express how upset I am to find out that someone has deliberately attempted to ruin my reputation and image”.

The motivation behind this hoax email is unclear. While the hoax may simply be some twisted individual’s idea of a joke, the racist and sexist comments in the message are, in my opinion, highly offensive and a long way short of funny.

Like many other hoaxes, the email does not provide any method of confirming the veracity of the information it contains. The message does not record who was supposed to have conducted the interview or even when or where it took place.

Celebrities are often the targets of hoaxsters. Another long-running hoax falsely claims that fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger made racist comments while being interview by Oprah Winfrey.


SUBJECT: Interview

-Ms. Williams we are all interested in your new boyfriend.

There is no new boyfriend. I stopped playing with boys when I stopped dating black guys. I have a new man in my life and yes, he’s white.

– So you prefer to date white men instead of black guys?

let’s be real. If you are a successful black female you only have two choices….date outside of your race or date other successful black females.

-Are you saying there are no successful black men to date?

Of course not but lets face it, if Oprah would date outside of her race she would be married with children now. The state of most black men is so low the only thing you can do is love them. Like a poor homeless dog. You can’t expect it to protect you. You can only offer shelter and love and watch as our neighbor’s pitbull protects his home and family. I, unlike Oprah, am not forced to stay within those boundaries.

I was born into a new generation of black women.

-So Oprah is being forced to date Stedman?

All I can say is when you find a successful black women who is not married and does not have children it is because they refuse to accept the two choices.

Some may go as far as marriage to a black guy but they realize divorce is inevitable so they do not have children. Or they have children with one and don’t marry in order to preserve their wealth and good credit.

Oprah is one of many who silently protests being stuck with such poor choices by refusing to marry and reproduce but you can see how much it hurts her. She’s always giving away money to children’s charities.

I hope she makes the choice to marry a non-black soon so she can have a child of her own.

-But you have decided to accept the two choices?

Yes. I grew up in California around the two extremes of wealth. If I could only get myself to try the bisexual thing I would have been much happier in my relationships. Instead I dated black men. I loved many of them but they were just not suitable for marriage. Many of them were raised by women and had warped mentalities. So I finally had to date outside my race. When I moved to Miami, I accepted my status and dated men on my level.

-What do you mean by warped mentalities?

Well, where do I begin? Many of them were raised predominantly by women and had this feminine/bisexual complex. Where they wanted to be treated like a female sometimes. For example, I would have the money & they would have the sex. I would teach them things. You know, all the things a woman likes a man to do, I would end up doing for them. Then if we would get into an argument, there would be a role reversal. All of a sudden, they would be the man wanting the respect of a king in his castle.

Black men over the years have become less and less of value to black women both rich and poor. I predict in 10 years they will be obsolete. Now they serve little to no function and what little they can do, they don’t want to do.

Why 10 years?

That’s when going to a fertility clinic to get impregnated by a sperm donor will become as common and accessible as the flu shot. Women who want sex will do it with whoever they want (girl, guy, rich, poor, white,black)and go to the bank (the sperm bank) when they are ready to have children. Even those who waited (like Oprah) will have fertilized eggs placed inVitro.

That’s the day the secret organization of women is waiting for. The day when men are 100% dis-empowered.

-Are you apart of that organization?

No. They’re a mostly white group. Plus that day for black men is practically here already. Black women are already raising 75% of the black population without a man. When fertility clinics become more affordable Black women will be standing in line. It will be just like plastic surgery.

Everyone laughed at Michael Jackson but its becoming so popular now,that even poor blacks are getting work done…mostly breast reductions and liposuction.

-So do you want men to be dis-empowered?

Heck, no! That’s why I am with a white man now. I want a man to be a man and I am not going to settle for less just to stay within racial boundaries.

A Black man in my position wouldn’t do it so why should I. Don’t get me wrong, I love black men. My father is black, I have dated black men all my life, and if I have a male child he will be part black.

But my husband and I will raise him together so hopefully he will be a worthy choice for a worthy black female. Not the only choice, or “there’s nothing better out there so I’ll settle for this” choice. When you are successful you want the best. The best food, clothes, places to live etc. I want the best man also.

-And you think the best man is a non-black man?

I think if there’s a better choice for me, God would have shown me. I am in the public so I get to meet lots of people from all over the world athletes, celebs etc.

I am wealthy so I am invited and have traveled to the most prestigious events all over the world. Out of all those people, places and events….I had to choose the right man for me.

Like it or not (with very few exceptions) a white man is the only real choice for a successful black female.

Importance Notice

After considerable thought and with an ache in my heart, I have decided that the time has come to close down the Hoax-Slayer website.

These days, the site does not generate enough revenue to cover expenses, and I do not have the financial resources to sustain it going forward.

Moreover, I now work long hours in a full-time and physically taxing job, so maintaining and managing the website and publishing new material has become difficult for me.

And finally, after 18 years of writing about scams and hoaxes, I feel that it is time for me to take my fingers off the keyboard and focus on other projects and pastimes.

When I first started Hoax-Slayer, I never dreamed that I would still be working on the project all these years later or that it would become such an important part of my life. It's been a fantastic and engaging experience and one that I will always treasure.

I hope that my work over the years has helped to make the Internet a little safer and thwarted the activities of at least a few scammers and malicious pranksters.

A Big Thank You

I would also like to thank all of those wonderful people who have supported the project by sharing information from the site, contributing examples of scams and hoaxes, offering suggestions, donating funds, or helping behind the scenes.

I would especially like to thank David White for his tireless contribution to the Hoax-Slayer Facebook Page over many years. David's support has been invaluable, and I can not thank him enough.

Closing Date

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Thank you, one and all!

Brett Christensen,