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Qantas Job Offer Scam Email

by Brett M. Christensen

Email purporting to be from Australian airline Qantas claims that a number of jobs are available at the company and invites interested applicants to email their resume for consideration.

Brief Analysis
The email is not from Qantas. It is a scam designed to trick job applicants into sending money and personal information to online criminals.


Email: qantasoffice@globomail.com

Job Reference: Qts 012/014NSW

Dear Sir/Madam,
Qantas Airline is a diverse international carrier with over 10,000 foreign employees worldwide. Qantas Airline take pride in being the face of Qantas in many different countries, all over the world. Our Local and international crew operates over 900 flights each week, often on the new A380 aircraft. Our Flight Attendants are natural, genuine and engaging people who compliment our world-class premium brand.
Representing Qantas brings great opportunity for everyone who joins this dynamic team environment. Meeting new people is a daily occurrence and travelling to unique international destinations presents an exciting new way of life.
1: Aero Engine Jobs
2: Aerodynamics/Fluids Jobs
3: Air Traffic Control Jobs
4: Aircraft Interiors Jobs
5: Airline/Office Jobs
6: Accounting Jobs
7: Administration Jobs
8: Cabin Crew Jobs
9: Cargo jobs
10: Chefs Jobs
11: Customer Relations/Pass. Service Jobs
12: Design Jobs
13: Sales & Marketing
14: Executive Cabin Crew Jobs
15: Finance Jobs
16: Fitters Jobs
17: Flight Simulation Jobs
18: Freight Jobs
19: Front Office Jobs
20: Grad. + Apprentice Jobs
21: Host & Hostess Jobs
22: I.T. Jobs
23: Landing Gear Jobs
24: Licensed Maint (Base) Jobs
25: Licensed Maint. (Line) Jobs
26: Marketing Jobs
27: Pilots Jobs
28: Mechanical, Technical & Electrical Jobs
29: Quality / Safety Jobs
30: Operations Jobs
31: Paint sprayers Jobs
32: Retail Jobs
33: Sales and Purchasing Jobs
34: Ground Staff
35: Systems/Softer/Comms Jobs
36: Stewards
37: Ticketing & Reservation Officer
38: Flight Stewards
39: Customer Service Agent

Contract duration 5 years (renewable, prospects of securing permanent positions)
Contract/ job location: Australia
Do you have what it takes to deliver an exceptional customer experience?
NOTE: Candidates will be accessed according to their respective area of specialization.
Interested Candidates should immediately send their UPDATED resume to: qantasoffice@globomail.com <mailto:qantasoffice@globomail.com>
Yours Faithfully
Qantas Airways
Recruitment department
qantasoffice@globomail.com <mailto:qantasoffice@globomail.com>

Skype: hrdqantas

Detailed Analysis
This message, which claims to be from iconic Australian airline Qantas, informs recipients that the company currently has job vacancies in a range of areas. Interested applicants are invited to send their resumes to an email address listed in the message.

However, the email is not from Qantas. In fact, it is an attempt to trick job hunters into making contact with online criminals. Those who fall for the ruse and send their resume will soon receive a reply supposedly offering them a position with the company. The reply will likely speak in glowing terms of excellent working conditions and high wages.

Alas, the message will also claim that, before the applicant can start the exciting new job, certain prerequisites will need to be met. The applicant will be told that he or she must pay upfront fees to cover various expenses. The scammers may claim that they must pay for a police or security clearance. Or, they may be told that they must pay for training material, uniforms or equipment. Or they may be asked to send money so that the airline can arrange accommodation and travel for the new worker. They may be told that the company will later reimburse any upfront fees they send.  Further requests for fees will likely continue until the victim finally realizes that a scam is afoot or runs out of available funds to send.

Of course, the victim will never get to start the (non-existent) job. And, after the scam has run its course, the criminals will disappear with their victim’s money.

Applicants may also be asked to provide a large amount of personal and financial information, ostensibly to verify their identity and allow them to be put on the company payroll. The information they provide may later be used to steal their identity.

In recent months, similar scam campaigns have claimed to offer jobs at various other high profile companies, including Disney Cruise LineRadisson and Hilton.

Be wary of any unsolicited email offering you a job at a well-known company. To further the illusion of legitimacy, the scam emails often include stolen company logos as well as links that point to the genuine company website.  Sometimes, they may also copy text from career information published on the company’s website. However, large companies are very unlikely to send out bulk unsolicited job emails like the example above. And they certainly would not do so via a free online webmail service rather than their own company domain.

People interested in working for Qantas can review real job vacancies via the careers section of the company’s website.

Importance Notice

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A Big Thank You

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