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About Hoax-Slayer

Brett Christensen created the Hoax-Slayer website in 2004. Hoax-Slayer began in 2003 as a small Yahoo email discussion group. It has evolved into a large media property that receives well over a million visitors per month.

Brett lives in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia with his wife Deborah Christensen.

Most site visitors come from the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and India with other international visitors making up the rest.

Hoax-Slayer has a strong social media presence and communicates with users via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. The Hoax-Slayer Facebook Page has more than 228,000 likes.

Hoax-Slayer has grown into a recognised global authority site on exposing scams and debunking hoaxes on the Internet.

The National Library of Australia has archived Hoax-Slayer as an online resource of national significance.

Hoax-Slayer is completely independent and is funded through contextual advertising delivered by Google via their AdSense program and via affiliate programs provided by Amazon and other vendors.

Media and News

Multiple news outlets have interviewed, quoted or mentioned Hoax-Slayer. These outlets include The Sydney Morning Herald, Bundaberg NewsMail, CBS News, and The Guardian. Many other websites, blogs, forums, and social media pages have also referenced Hoax-Slayer.

Jan Harold Brunvand’s iconic work, ‘The Encyclopaedia of Urban Legends’ references Hoax-Slayer on page 330 under Internet Resources. Jan Harold Brunvand is one of America’s foremost experts on folklore and urban legends. Brett Christensen has given numerous radio interviews both in Australia and internationally.

Information Requests

If you need hoax or scam related information for an article or segment that you are preparing, we would be happy to help. Just email your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Radio Interviews (Audio)

Sarah Mashman – “Slaying Hoaxes with Brett Christensen” – ABC Tasmania (April 2013)

MP3 – Peter Anthony Holder – The Stuph File (October 2012)

Media Mentions


High-resolution images of Brett Christensen are available on request.