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Phishing Scam – ‘Netflix Account Cancellation’

by Brett M. Christensen

Message purporting to be from video streaming service Netflix claims that, due to a payment issue, your account will be cancelled unless you click a link and update credit card details.

Brief Analysis:
The message is a phishing scam and Netflix did not send it. Clicking the link will take you to a fake Netflix website that asks for login credentials, credit card details, and other personal information. This information will be collected by criminals and used for credit card fraud and identity theft.

Netflix cancelled account scam email


Netflix CancellationYour Account CancellationThere was a problem processing your credit card. Please update your credit card info to keep your account active.The Netflix TeamNetflix Phishing Scam

Detailed Analysis:
Like many other users, you may have recently received an account cancellation message claiming to be from online video streaming service Netflix. The message claims that, because of a problem processing your credit card, you must click a link to update card details to keep your account active.

However, the message is not from Netflix and you do not need to update credit card details as claimed.  The message is a typical phishing scam.

Clicking the ‘update link’ will take you to a fake webpage designed to look like the genuine Netflix site. Once on the fake page, you will be asked to provide your account login credentials, your credit card details, and, possibly, other personal information as well.

Online criminals will collect all of the information you submit on the bogus page. Armed with your stolen details, the criminals can commit credit card fraud in your name and gain access to your Netflix account. If they have been able to harvest enough of your personal information, they may also be able to steal your identity.

In fact, phishing scammers regularly target Netflix customers. This version is just one of many similar phishing campaigns that have tried to trick Netflix customers into parting with their personal and financial information.

Be wary of any unsolicited Netflix message that claims that you must update account details, rectify a billing issue, or prove your identity for security purposes.

And, scammers use very similar tactics to target customers of many other popular online services. If you receive such an ‘update’ message, do not click any links or open any attached file that it contains.

It is best not to click login links in emails. It is safest to login to all of your online accounts by entering the account address into your browser’s address bar or via a trusted application associated with the service.

Last updated: November 13, 2016
First published: June 5, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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