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Perform a Facebook Page Purge — How to Review Liked Pages

by Brett M. Christensen

Image: © depositphotos.com/realinemedia

The Facebook Pages you like can accumulate rather rapidly. You may no longer be interested in the material a Page is posting. The Page may post too much or too little.

Or, if you are anything like me, you may not remember liking the Page in the first place. So, an occasional Facebook Page purge can reduce newsfeed clutter and keep your Facebook trim and taut. (Or, depending on your current mood, outlook, and beer or wine intake, populated with a slightly lower amount of inane, pointless, and irritating nonsense).

And, a pragmatic Facebook Page purge can be strangely satisfying. Cathartic, even! If, like me, you are one of those ancients who remember life before social media was even a thing, you may begin to contemplate purging Facebook entirely.

But, alas, I digress! 
Anyway, here’s how to easily and quickly review the Pages you’ve liked on Facebook and dump those you no longer want.

Note: These instructions describe accessing Facebook from a computer web browser. Some Facebook settings and options may not be available via mobile device browsers or apps.

Step 1

Go to your NewsFeed and click “Pages” in the left navigation menu:

Facebook Liked Pages

All your liked Pages should show up in a grid. To the right of the grid, you should see a box labelled “Review Liked Pages”:

Facebook review liked pages

Step 2

Click the “Get Started” button. A popup window should open that allows you to scroll through your liked Pages and select those you want to unlike:

Facebook Pages review

Step 3

When you’ve selected all the Pages you want to unlike, click “Next” (Or Cancel if you’ve changed your mind). You’ll then see a notice asking you to confirm that you really want to unlike the Pages you’ve selected:

Review Facebook Pages 4

Step 4

Click Save. With one click, you’ve unliked all of the Facebook Pages you’ve selected. You’ll see a final message acknowledging that the process is complete:
Review Facebook Pages 5
Done! Happy Facebooking.

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