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Package Deposited in Your Name Scam Email

by Brett M. Christensen

Email claims that a package deposited in your name contains a large sum of money in cash and is being held for you by a group of diplomats.

False, this is a typical Nigerian scam.

Subject: Package deposited in your name hereThis is an official notification of the availability of a package deposited in your name and it is not a sales solicitation or SPAM.

We are Diplomats that use our immunity and status to safekeep special and valuable packages and baggage in trust for reputable clients that are honest and trustworthy.

We work in collaboration with top firms and Governments of various countries as we have earned a name as a service whose hallmarks in reliability and confidentiality are revered.

International missions, Fellow Diplomats and Embassies of the world have used our services to satisfaction.

A benefactor whose identity can not be disclosed because of the Non Circumvention and Non Disclosure Agreement that was signed with the said benefactor when the packages were being deposited made you the beneficiary of a package containing some amount of money and stated clearly that you should only be contacted when the time signed for it to be in our care elapses and the time has already elapsed that is why you are being contacted.

The Non Circumvention and Non Disclosure Agreement signed with the benefactor mandates us to fully divulge and disclose the benefactor’s identity 18 months after the beneficiary has received the funds.

The funds in the package is (Two Million,Seven Hundred Thousand U.S.Dollars) and we confirm that these funds are fully free of any liens, or encumbrances and are clean, clear and non-criminal origin and are available in the form of CASH.

You are hereby advised to send your Full Contact Information as well as the name of the closest airport to your city in the format stated below so that the funds would be brought to your Country of residence by 3 Diplomats who would accompany you to your bank (if you want them to) to deposit the funds in your name and submit all documentations that has to do with the origin of the funds in other to exonerate you from any form of investigations or interrogation and to authenticate the fact that the funds are clean and has no links whatsover with either drugs or terrorism.

The Requested Information is to ensure that no mistake or error is made and it should be forwarded in the manner stated below:

Your Full Name: ______________________________

Your Complete Address: ________________________________

Name of City of Residence: ____________________

Name of Closest Airport to your city of Residence:_________________________________

Direct Telephone Number:____________________________________

The Telephone number is very necessary because the number would be called by the Diplomats before the funds would be handed over to you so as to ensure that the package is handed over to the right person.

So,its mandatory you send your Direct Telephone Number preferably your Mobile or Cell Phone Number.

Complete the above and send back to me as soon as possible.

We are waiting for your response.
God be with you.
Mrs Kirsten Windus.

Detailed Analysis:
This scam message tries to convince the recipient that some unnamed benefactor has deposited a package for her or him that contains a very large amount of cash. The message claims that the benefactor left the package with a group of diplomats along with strict instructions that the package not be released until a specified period has passed.

Supposedly, these “diplomats” provide a package safekeeping service to governments and organizations around the world and are able to use their immunity and status to ensure that “special and valuable packages and baggage” are safely and securely held in trust.

However, these rather unlikely claims are, of course, pure nonsense. The message is simply a variation of a long running swindle known as the Nigerian or “419” scam. There is no package full of cash nor is there any such diplomat managed “service”. Victims who reply to the message will be drawn deeper into the scam via further emails, letters and phone calls. Eventually, they will be asked to pay fees to procure the release of the “package”. The scammers use a variety of excuses to explain why these fees must be paid. The aim of the scammers is to steal as much money from their victim as possible. Demands for further fees are likely to continue until the victim finally realizes that he or she is being conned. If the scammers have managed to collect enough personal information from the victim, they may also be able to steal his or her identity.

There are thousands of variations of this type of scam. Some claim that the recipient has won a large amount of money in an international lottery. Others claim that the recipient’s help is required to access funds in a foreign bank account or to distribute funds to charity. Others claim that the recipient has the same last name as a rich foreign merchant who has died and suggest that he or she stand in as the merchant’s next of kin.

Be wary of any unsolicited email, letter, or fax that claims you are entitled to a substantial sum of money. DO NOT reply to such emails. DO NOT provide money or personal information. DO NOT meet with these criminals.

Last updated: 17th August 2006
First published: 17th August 2006
By Brett M. Christensen
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