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Online Scammers are Posing as Lottery Winners Steven and Lenka Thomson

by Brett M. Christensen

Advance fee scammers are currently sending out emails that falsely claim to be from recent EuroMillions lottery winners Steven and Lenka Thomson.  The West Sussex UK couple won £105 million in the EuroMillions jackpot in November 2019.

As usual, online crooks were quick to exploit news of the big win.

The scam emails claim that Steven and Lenka Thomson have decided to give away part of their lottery win and you have been randomly selected as one of the lucky beneficiaries of their generosity.

Of course, the couple is not sending the emails and the claim that they are about to randomly distribute their winnings to total strangers via the Internet is simply nonsense.
The emails urge you to reply with your personal details to arrange the transfer of your “donation”.

If you fall for the ruse and reply, you will be told that, before your funds are transferred, you must send money to cover various associated expenses. The scammers will claim that these expenses cannot be paid out of the “donation” itself. They will warn that you will not get the money if you refuse to pay the requested fees in advance.

If you do send money, you will likely be asked to send even more. The requests will continue until you either realize that you are being scammed or run out of money to send.

After they have stolen as much of your money as they can, the scammers will disappear and they will no longer reply to your messages or phone calls.  You will never get any of your money back. Nor, of course, will you ever get the promised “donation”, which never existed to begin with.

Moreover, using the information they have gathered about you during the course of the scam, the crooks may be able to steal your identity as well.

Advance fee scams like this one continue to be very common and people all around the world still fall for them.