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No, Jim Morrison Has NOT Been Found Alive in a Paris Retirement Home

by Brett M. Christensen

Circulating report claims that Jim Morrison, frontman of the iconic rock band The Doors, has been found alive in an assisted living facility in Paris, France.

Brief Analysis:
The claims in the report are nonsense. Jim Morrison died in 1971. The fictional story comes from a satirical fake-news website called The Nevada County Scooper. Nothing published on the site should be taken seriously.

Jim Morrison Found Alive In Paris Assisted Living Facility

Paris, France — According to Reuters and the Associated Press International, James Douglas Morrison, the lead singer of the rock group, ‘The Doors,’ is alive in a Paris retirement home.Jim Morrison Alive Fake News Story

Detailed Analysis:
According to a report that is currently traversing the interwebs via social media posts, rock legend Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, did not die in a Paris bathtub in 1971 as previously believed.  The report claims that Jim has been found very much alive in a Paris retirement home. Supposedly, Jim had been pretending to be the grandson of French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec but staff at the facility began to suspect that he was really The Doors frontman due to various stories he told over the years. And, claims the report, subsequent DNA tests prove that the man in the retirement home really is Jim Morrison.

But, of course, the story is nonsense. Jim has certainly not been discovered living in a retirement facility, in Paris or anywhere else.  The story comes from the fake-news website The Nevada County Scooper. The site bills itself as satirical, noting on its ‘Manifesto’ page:

The Scooper is a satirical website is in scope and intent. Sometimes it’s funny; often it is not. We provide fake news and social criticism in a satirical setting. Our intention is not to fool or trick anyone, but obviously it happens. We firmly believe that you can soften a person’s willingness to listen by injecting irony, and yes sometimes humor, into the conversation.

Thus, nothing published on the site is intended to be taken as real news. In reality, visitors who actually read the full article instead of just flicking over the headline and the opening sentence, may quickly realise that skullduggery is afoot. The tongue-in-cheek style of the piece and the way it rather cleverly pays homage to iconic Doors lyrics throughout would likely alert many readers to its satirical intent.

But, alas, many people just glance at a headline or a social media ‘news’ snippet and immediately share away, oblivious to the fact that they are spreading nonsense disguised as news. And, because the ‘satire’ disclaimer is hidden away in a ‘Manifesto’ that most visitors will not discover, many people will believe the site’s stories are real news.

It is always wise to verify any strange or unusual stories that come your way before you share them. If you search for the claims made in the article via a news search facility such as Google News, you will usually discover if the claims are true.  If Jim Morrison really had been found alive, the story would be covered extensively by mainstream news outlets around the world.

Last updated: March 21, 2016
First published: March 21, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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