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Nadezhda – Russian Dating Scammer

by Brett M. Christensen


Unsolicited email claims that “Nadezhda”, a “nice young girl from Russia”, is interested in you and would like to hear from you with the view to establishing a possible relationship


Subject: I am interested in you and decided to write to you


My name is Nadezhda! I am a nice young girl from Russia, without harmful habits. I am interested in you and decided to write to you! I dreams to find the satellite of the life with whom it could be possible to have a really close relations with the trust in it and to be true in them. I search the clever, kind and careful man with whom, later, may be, we could to connect the future. I dreams to divide with him my pleasure and troubles, to feel a strong “shoulder” on which is possible to rely, that there was a mutual love.

What is about me: I modest, quiet, with easy character, correct and devoted, love home cosiness. I am a romantic nature and i’m always open for the intercourse. In free time I like going to the movies, or to some sporting events, to the pool, nature, and staying at home have fun as well. I’m open to just about anything! If you were interested by my letter, I shall be very glad to receive from you the answer. And I shall tell you about myself in the next letter. Also I shall send the photo. I do not know why, but my heart prompt me to write exactly you! I want to correspondence with you and I hope to hear from you soon!

I will wait. My personal email is: nadezhda333i@gmail.com

Best regards.



According to this email, young Nadezhda, a nice Russian girl “without harmful habits” is interested in you and would like to begin exchanging emails and photographs with a view to a possible long term relationship. Nadezhda includes a photograph of herself along with a description of her personality and her hopes for a future close relationship.

However, although Nadezhda may appear alluring in her photograph and her advances may seem genuine and enticing to some lonely or vulnerable male recipients, she is in fact a heartless scammer whose intentions are far less than honourable. In reality, “she” is quite possibly not even the person in the attached photograph and may not even be female.

Once a potential victim takes the offered “bait” and replies to Nadezhda, he will soon receive more emails and photographs designed to draw him deeper into the scam. The scammer is most likely quite adept at building a seemingly heartfelt and meaningful relationship with her victim. After a time, she may even fool her victim into falling in love with her. Alas, once Nadezhda has gained the trust and love of her victim, she will begin asking him to send money for a variety of entirely imaginary reasons. For example, she may claim that she really would like to meet her victim in person and ask him to send money over for airfares and travel expenses. Or she may claim that she, or a close relative or friend, is now in urgent need of expensive medical treatment that she cannot afford to pay for. If a victim complies and sends the requested money, further requests are likely to follow. Over time, the scammer may also collect a significant amount of personal information from her victim – ultimately enough personal information to steal his identity. Of course, the victim will never actually get to meet his would be lover, nor is he ever likely to be reimbursed for any of the money he has sent.

There are a great many versions of these scams that use different names, photographs and descriptions. In some cases, different versions of the scam may use the same photographs, with different names and details. The scammers may harvest photographs of attractive females from various websites and use them without the permission or knowledge of the girls in the pictures. Some such scam emails deliberately target women or gay men.

Other variations of the scam are intended to launder the proceeds of fraud. In these scams, once hooked, the victim will be asked to cash cheques or money orders and then electronically wire the proceeds back to his “girlfriend”. The scammer will make some excuse to explain why she cannot process the cheques or money orders herself. However, the cheques or money orders will turn out to be stolen or fake. The victim may find himself in trouble with the law for processing stolen funds while his “girlfriend” can disappear with the laundered cash. These scams are very similar in intent and execution to money laundering job scam emails.

Internet users should be very cautious of unsolicited messages claiming to be from people wishing to form romantic relationships. Internet dating is a perfectly legitimate and increasingly more common method of meeting potential partners. However, those who wish to try Internet dating should ensure that they only use a legitimate and reputable dating service that has measures in place to protect the privacy of members. For example, most reputable dating services will require members to make initial contact with each other via the service’s own contact system rather than directly via email. They should also provide members with the ability to block other members or hide their profiles if necessary.

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