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Important Security Tip – Use a Password Manager

by Brett M. Christensen
3 minute read

If you are concerned about staying safe online, a dedicated password manager is pretty much a must-have.

Once your password manager is installed and configured, you only need to remember one master password from then on. This is much easier and considerably more secure than trying to remember multiple passwords or  – worse – reusing the same passwords for multiple accounts.

Password manager programs can securely store all of your passwords and other private information. They also make it very simple to generate complex passwords that are likely to be much safer than ones you create yourself on the go.

Good password managers can scan your current passwords and email addresses and alert you if they have been compromised in past data breaches. They can also check your password health to identify weak passwords that may be vulnerable to attack and should be changed.

These days, browsers can store your login details for you, but this is not a particularly secure way to manage your passwords and should be avoided. A savvy person who has physical access to your computer can fairly easily view and steal login details stored in your browser. And, your browser’s built-in password management system will not have the advanced functionality and security that you’ll get with a dedicated password manager.

Password Managers are relatively inexpensive – often just a few dollars a month – and well worth the investment. Some excellent password managers are NordPass (see review below), 1Password, and Dashlane.

NordPass Password Manager

I am a NordPass affiliate so, if you purchase the software via a link on Hoax-Slayer, I get a commission for the sale. The revenue I generate through affiliate promotions helps keep Hoax-Slayer online. I only promote products that I use myself and have found to be outstanding.

I use the NordPass Password Manager on all of my devices. NordPass is simple to use but has all of the functionality you need to enhance your security and stay safer online.

It can:

  • Generate very secure passwords with just a click.
  • Safely allow easy login to your accounts from within your browser.
  • Identify current passwords that may be weak or vulnerable.
  • Check if your data has appeared in any breaches.
  • Securely store private notes and credit card information.
  • Securely sync your passwords and other data between all of your devices.
  • Store your personal details so that you can easily prefill online forms.
  • Help you stay organized by creating specific password folders for different kinds of accounts.

NordPass is brought to you by the well-respected cybersecurity experts who built NordVPN. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can buy with confidence.

Check out NordPass for yourself

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NordPass Main Window

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NordPass Mobile App

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