Home in A Garbage Truck

Email forward claims that attached photographs depict a garbage truck converted into a mobile home.

Brief Analysis:
Photographs are genuine but vehicle is not actually a converted garbage truck

Subject: This guy lives in a garbage truck!

Not sure if I have sent this one on would’nt mind living in one myself.

This guy lives in a garbage truck….you have to see it!

This is wild!!!!!

He lives in a garbage truck! You have to look at this house!

Detailed Analysis:
According to this email forward, a series of attached images show a garbage truck that has been converted into a very neat and serviceable mobile home. Some commentators have suggested that the images are faked and that the interior photographs do not actually show the truck shown in the exterior shots. Observant doubters have pointed out that the windows clearly visible in the interior shots cannot be seen in those showing the truck’s exterior.

The truck shown in the photographs, and other similar such vehicles, do in fact exist. However, in spite of the appearance of the vehicle shown in the photographs it is not actually a converted garbage truck. In fact it is a purpose built mobile home. The vehicles are made by UNICAT, a company based in Europe that now also has an American branch.

The particular model shown in the photographs is designated as the “EX63-HDM / MAN TGA 6×6”. The series of photographs included in the email can be viewed on the UNICAT website, along with many other photographs. This model has a roof that lowers snugly over the windows when travelling thus explaining the apparent mystery of the disappearing windows.

UNICATAmericas explains its philosophy as follows:

Our Philosophy: “Explore without boundaries”

There are many RV’s that will ably go anywhere where there are roads and even more SUV’s, trucks, motorcycles, dune buggies, ATV’s, etc. that will take you off-road. UNICAT bridges the gap by providing the highest comfort levels of an RV with a go anywhere ability of off-road vehicles.

UNICAT produces some truly amazing vehicles and the company can fully customize them to suit the needs of individual customers. However, getting yourself in one will set you back a sizable chunk of cash with the Amerigo models starting out at half a million dollars.

Last updated: 20th October 2008
First published: 20th October 2008
By Brett M. Christensen
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