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A quick wrap up of the stories that we’ve recently published and updated on Hoax-Slayer:

No, A Family Did NOT Drown After Leaving Their Car Sunroof Open In An Automated Carwash

Report claims that a family of three died from drowning after they mistakenly left the sunroof of their car open as they went through an automated carwash.

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Fake ‘Order Status’ Emails Contain Locky Malware

Order Status’ emails thank you for your recent order and claim that you can view details of the supposed order by opening an attached .zip file.

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No, ‘Step Brothers 2’ Is NOT Set To Begin Filming In 2016

Circulating report claims that a sequel to the much-loved comedy film ‘Step Brothers’ will soon begin filming in Richmond, Virginia. A second version claims that the film will begin shooting in Sacramento, California.

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IRS Warns Of New Phone Scam Tactic

America’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning about yet another tactic being used by phone scammers.

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2016 Version Of ‘Free Range Rover’ Facebook Scam Spreading Rapidly

Facebook Page claims that it is giving away two Range Rovers for the ‘first time in Facebook history’.

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No, Jim Morrison Has NOT Been Found Alive In A Paris Retirement Home

Circulating report claims that Jim Morrison, frontman of the iconic rock band The Doors, has been found alive in an assisted living facility in Paris, France.

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Family Drowns Car Wash Fake-News