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Hoax – ‘Pregnant Woman Claims She was Raped By Pig’

by Brett M. Christensen

Yet another nonsensical fake-news report is currently traversing the Interwebs at speed. The report, which has been published by various ‘entertainment’ websites, including DudeComedy and Trending Stylist, claims that one Angie Houston of Texas expects to give birth to a pig after a large boar named ‘Pete’ raped her. 

The report claims that ‘Pete’ had tried to rape the girl on a number of occasions, and finally succeeded, resulting in her pregnancy. The article includes two images positioned side by side that supposedly depict the heavily pregnant girl and the alleged attacker, Pete the pig. Some versions of the report include another image depicting what Angie’s pig-human hybrid baby might look like.

Of course, the claim that a human female could become pregnant to a pig is utterly absurd and simply not biologically possible. Most people who encounter the story will realise this immediately.

But, some readers, although they recognise the absurdity of the pig pregnancy story, have wondered if the girl did actually make such a claim, perhaps in a rather desperate attempt to explain an unscheduled pregnancy resulting from a clandestine human to human dalliance.

However, I could find no credible references to a woman making such a claim. It appears that, like so much other drivelling nonsense that circulates online, the report was simply made up out of whole cloth. The report mentions a publication called ‘Ellis County News’. However, I could find no record of a news outlet with that specific name. Nor are there any signs of such a story in other Ellis County news publications that I have examined.

The report references a site rather appropriately named ‘’ via a ‘hat tip’ (HT) at the bottom. However, I could not find any reference to the story on The story is mentioned in a comment on the Facebook Page, but it links to a version of the report published elsewhere.

For the record, the image allegedly depicting Pete the rapist pig appears in various other contexts that make no mention of rape or pregnancy. 


Pregnant Texas Woman Claims She Was Raped by a Pig

Angie Houston recently told Ellis County News that she expects to give birth to a baby pig.

Houston alleges that one night she came home from a night of playing miniature golf and was pounced on and raped by a 400lb boar named Pete.

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