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Hoax – Facebook Will Pay One Dollar Per Like to Help Baby With a Face Cancer

by Brett M. Christensen


Message claims that Facebook will donate $1 to help a baby with a large growth on her face every time the baby’s photograph is liked on Facebook.

Brief Analysis

The message is a vile hoax. Facebook will certainly not donate money to help the pictured child in exchange for liking. Any message that makes such a claim is certain to be a hoax. The child’s photograph was stolen and used without the authorization of her parents or family. If you see the picture, please DO NOT share, like or comment on it. Instead, please report the picture to Facebook.


Baby with Face Cancer Facebook Hoax

This baby was born with a cancer Facebook will donate 1 dollar for every like this photo gets

Detailed Analysis

This message, which is currently circulating on Facebook, claims that Facebook will donate $1 to help a baby with a large growth on her face each and every time that the child’s picture is “liked” on the network.

However, the claim that Facebook will donate money to help this child when her picture is liked is a malicious lie. Facebook will certainly not donate a dollar or any other amount to help the child in exchange for “likes”. The message is a nasty hoax. The baby’s photograph was stolen from a news website and used in this disgusting hoax without the permission of her parents or family.

A September 2009 Sky News reported that included the same photograph noted that the child’s name is Tiba Aftan who was born in the heavily-bombed area of Fallujah, Iraq. The side by side pictures of Tiba show shots before and after she had an operation in Jordon to remove the growth. At the time the news article was published, Tiba was reportedly doing well although more surgery was still required.

But, rest assured that liking this photograph will do nothing whatsoever to help Tiba.

In fact, this hoax is just one more in a spate of Facebook hoax messages that feature a child’s image without his or her parent’s permission. These types of messages are NOT harmless. Often, the unauthorized circulation of such photographs causes great distress to the child’s family. Sharing such hoax messages is immoral and irresponsible. And since they do absolutely zero to help the pictured children, sharing these messages is utterly pointless as well.

If you encounter one of these hoax messages, PLEASE do not share it with others. Instead, report the image to Facebook. Please do NOT comment on the photo or the wall where the photo has been posted, as this gives the hoax more unwarranted exposure because it puts the offending photo on to the news feeds/tickers of your Facebook friends.

You can help by reporting these images and letting your friends know that they are hoaxes. Remember that any message that claims that money will be donated in exchange for forwarding, sharing or liking a picture is certain to be a hoax.

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