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HOAX – ‘Deadly Snow Snake’ Image

by Brett M. Christensen

This story was first published on March 4, 2014


Circulating message claims that an attached image depicts the deadly ‘snow snake’. According to the message, the snake’s venom will fatally freeze the blood of those bitten. It warns that four people in the United States have already been bitten.

Brief Analysis

The warning is a hoax. There is no such snake. There is no snake venom that freezes the blood in the way described. Nobody has died from the bite of any ‘deadly snow snake’. In fact, the ‘snake’ in the image appears to be nothing more than a rubber model that has been strategically posed for the photograph.


This is the deadly snow snake. It has bitten 3 people in the state of Ohio and one in Pennsylvania. It’s been spotted in other states. It comes out in the cold weather and at this time there is no cure for it’s bite. One bite and your blood starts to freeze. Scientist are trying to find a cure. Your body temperature start to fall once bitten. Please stay clear if you have see it. Please forward this and try to save as many people as we can from this deadly snow snake.

Deadly Snow Snake Fake Image


Detailed Analysis

According to a message that is currently circulating via social media, the blogosphere, and email, people need to watch out for the deadly ‘snow snake’ which emerges in cold weather. The message claims that a bite from a snow snake freezes the victim’s blood and there is currently no cure. It warns that three people in Ohio and one person in Pennsylvania have already been bitten.

The message asks that people share the information with others in the hope of saving as many people as possible from ‘this deadly snow snake’. For added impact, the message features an image supposedly depicting one of the snakes.

It has been suggested that the snake has not been seen before because it was forced up by deep-well natural gas drilling.

However, the message is nothing more than a silly hoax. There is no snake like the one described in the message. There is no snake venom that freezes the bite victim’s blood. And, nobody has died in the US or anywhere else from the bite of such a snake.
Moreover, a closer examination of the image – especially the snake’s head and tongue – reveals that the supposedly deadly reptile looks suspiciously like a harmless rubber toy that has simply been posed for the photograph.

And, for the record, because snakes are cold-blooded, they are not likely to ‘come out’ or be more active in cold weather as suggested in the message.

Many may view the fake warning as a relatively harmless prank. But sending it on as a legitimate warning will likely cause unnecessary fear and alarm in some quarters.

Importance Notice

After considerable thought and with an ache in my heart, I have decided that the time has come to close down the Hoax-Slayer website.

These days, the site does not generate enough revenue to cover expenses, and I do not have the financial resources to sustain it going forward.

Moreover, I now work long hours in a full-time and physically taxing job, so maintaining and managing the website and publishing new material has become difficult for me.

And finally, after 18 years of writing about scams and hoaxes, I feel that it is time for me to take my fingers off the keyboard and focus on other projects and pastimes.

When I first started Hoax-Slayer, I never dreamed that I would still be working on the project all these years later or that it would become such an important part of my life. It's been a fantastic and engaging experience and one that I will always treasure.

I hope that my work over the years has helped to make the Internet a little safer and thwarted the activities of at least a few scammers and malicious pranksters.

A Big Thank You

I would also like to thank all of those wonderful people who have supported the project by sharing information from the site, contributing examples of scams and hoaxes, offering suggestions, donating funds, or helping behind the scenes.

I would especially like to thank David White for his tireless contribution to the Hoax-Slayer Facebook Page over many years. David's support has been invaluable, and I can not thank him enough.

Closing Date

Hoax-Slayer will still be around for a few weeks while I wind things down. The site will go offline on May 31, 2021. While I will not be publishing any new posts, you can still access existing material on the site until the date of closure.

Thank you, one and all!

Brett Christensen,