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Hoax – ‘Deadly Sanitary Pad’ Responsible for 53 Deaths

by Brett M. Christensen

Widely circulated warning message claims that a “deadly sanitary pad” called DARIES has recently caused 53 women in Johannesburg to bleed to death due to the inclusion of chemicals in the pad’s material.

Brief Analysis
The claims in the message are nonsense. There are no credible reports that support the claims in any way. An earlier and equally false version of the warning claimed that the women had died in Nigeria. Spreading this false information will help nobody and may cause unnecessary fear and alarm. Please do not forward or repost this bogus warning.


Subject: FW: pad

Ladies be careful.

Hi sisters, please watch out there is dis deadly sanitary pad which is making ladies bleed 2 death,its name is DARIES” its unique in looks,its a new product in stores and it has killed 53 ladies in Johannesburg recently”it makes ur vagina bleed heavily and u will think its a heavy flow then @ night u bleed 2 death without knowing it from chemicals used in the pad, pls watch wat u buy…send dis broadcast 2 all ur friends pls if u ar not a lady,u have a wife,girlfriend,daughter or sister. PLEASE copy, paste and pass on. This is URGENT



Ladies watch out theas dis deadly sanitary pad making ladies bleed 2 death, its name is DARIES” its unique in looks, a new product in stores and has killed 53 ladies in Johannesburg recently” it makes ur vagina bleed heavily and yl think its a heavy flow then @ night u bleed 2 death without knowing from chemicals used in the pad, pls watch wat u buy…send dis broadcast 2 all ur friends pls if u ar not a lady, u have…

Detailed Analysis
According to a rather breathless warning message that is circulating vigorously via email and social networking posts, no less than 53 women have recently bled to death in Johannesburg South Africa after using a particular brand of sanitary pad.

Supposedly the pad, which has the brand name “Daries”, contains chemicals that increase bleeding thereby causing the women wearing them to die from blood loss during the night.
However, the claims in the message are utter nonsense. Extensive searching reveals no mention of these supposed pad related deaths in any credible South African news reports. Nor are there any reports about such deaths in news or medical reports from anywhere else in the world. Of course, if the claims were true, then the case would have been extensively reported by media outlets, not only in South Africa, but all around the world. And there would also be related medical reports about the deaths as well as – almost certainly – ongoing lawsuits and legal reports. The fact that the only warning about this supposedly grave and urgent danger comes in the form of an unsubstantiated Internet message is enough alone to identify it as a hoax.

Moreover, the above message is clearly a revamped variant of an earlier message that claimed that the 53 women died, not in Johannesburg, but in Jos, Nigeria The Nigerian variant has circulated since at least June 2011:

Please there’s this deadly sanitary pad that is making ladies bleed to death, its name is ‘Dairies” its unique in looks, its a new product in stores, it has killed 53 ladies in Jos recently” It makes your body to bleed like you are having heavy flow” especially at night the female users bleed to death” without knowing it, please watch the pad you buy. Send this Broadcast to all your friend’s please. If you are not a lady, you have a wife, girlfriend , mother, daughter or sister or female colleagues.

And, to be clear, there are no credible reports about the supposed deaths in Jos, or anywhere else in Nigeria either.

Furthermore, I could find no information about a brand of sanitary napkins known as “Daries”. This hoax is reminiscent of another menstruation related hoax that falsely claims that asbestos is added to tampons to increase bleeding so that women will buy more of the products.

Reposting or forwarding such nonsense will do no good whatsoever. It certainly will NOT help anybody stay safe. Such false warnings do nothing more than raise unnecessary fear and alarm among communities. If you receive this message, please do not spread the false information it contains by sending it on to others.

And please take the time to let the sender know that the message is a hoax.

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