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HOAX – ‘Buzz Aldrin Admits Moon Landings Were Fake’

by Brett M. Christensen


Circulating report claims that astronaut Buzz Aldrin has confirmed via a confession video and Twitter post that the moon landings never happened and that videos of the landings depicted a ‘setup that was created to simulate how the moon and space would look’. 

Brief Analysis

The claims in the report are untrue. Buzz Aldrin has made no such confession. The story comes from the fake-news ‘satire’ website Huzlers. Nothing published on Huzlers should be taken seriously. The fake report builds on a long-running conspiracy theory that maintains that the Apollo 11 videos were created in a studio and that the moon landings never occurred.


Buzz Aldrin Admits Apollo 11 Moon Landings Were FAKE and Simply A Set (See Tweet)
WASHINGTON D.C. – It is being reported that the Apollo 11 missions, which landed men for the first time on the moon, was in fact fake.
One of the astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, confirmed that the Apollo 11 missions were “fake” and that the the videos of the mission are simply showing a setup that was created to simulate how the moon and space would look. “Apollo 11 was not real, none of it was”

Buzz Aldrin admits moon landing hoax fake news


Detailed Analysis

According to a report that is buzzing around the Interwebs (so to speak) Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin has confessed that the moon landings were faked.

The report claims that Aldrin came clean about the moon landings via a confession video and then backed up the confession via a post on his official Twitter feed.

The report quotes Aldrin as explaining that Apollo 11 was not real and that videos of the moon landing depict only a Hollywood style setup. The story does not include the alleged confession video and rather conveniently claims that the confirming Twitter post was later deleted by order of the CIA.

But, of course, the story is utter nonsense. Buzz Aldrin has made no such confession. 
The story comes via the ‘satirical’ website Huzlers, which has been responsible for a host of viral fake-news stories in recent months. Nothing published on Huzlers has any credibility and its reports should not be taken seriously.

The site includes the following disclaimer on its pages: is a combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.

Of course, if Aldrin had really made such a confession, such a huge story would have been extensively covered by the mainstream media all over the world. But, the only report about the supposed confession is on Huzler and sites that mirror its content.

The report capitalizes on a long-running conspiracy theory, which absurdly claims that the moon landings never happened and that the videos of the mission were made in a film studio.

Despite thorough debunking of this silly conspiracy theory over many years, the idea persists. And fake-news reports like the one discussed here just add fuel to the fire.

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