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Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Avowed Satanist Hoax

by Brett M. Christensen


Message purports to be a transcript of a reporter’s interview with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling in which she admits to being an avowed Satanist and writes her books in order to corrupt young minds in the devil’s name.

Brief Analysis

The claims in the message are untrue. No such interview ever took place and J.K. Rowling has certainly not admitted to being a Satanist. In fact, the supposed interview is a satirical fiction piece first published back in 2002.


Subject: FW: Harry potter’s J.K. Rowling admitted she is an avowed Satanist!

Harry potter’s J.K. Rowling admitted she is an avowed Satanist!

And here we have the proof and evidence of what we’ve suspected all along – please bring this to the attention of people with impressionable children.

With the second instalment of the Harry Potter series set to arrive in theatres, Post Mortem dispatched correspondent Massimo Commanducci to chat with J.K. Rowling, author of the Potter novels. He files this report from her palatial Scottish estate …

J.K. Rowling was not at all like I had expected she’d be: She was warm, she was funny and she readily admitted she is an avowed Satanist! “It’s true,” she told me. “I worship the Devil, Beelzebub, Satan, Lucifer — in all his unholy forms. And I owe all my success, all my glory, all my power, to my sweet, beautiful Lucifer.”

Munching on a cucumber sandwich finger, Rowling explained that her devotion to the Prince of Darkness was forged when she was a single mother on welfare.

Rowling — or, as she shall henceforth be referred to and credited as, Mrs. J. K. Satan — said that as she sat in a coffee shop one grey day, wondering what to do with her empty, aimless life, it hit her: “I’ll give myself, body and soul, to the Dark Master. And in return, he will give me absurd wealth and power over the weak and pitiful of the world. And he did!”

Now, as everyone knows, critics of the Harry Potter series of books and films have long argued that the dark sorcery and non-Christian values have a corrupting influence on young people, who have displayed an atypical interest in reading since the series was launched. Duh, Mrs. Satan told me. “Well, of course the books are designed to corrupt young minds,” she declared, as her eyes became like the deepest night and her voice was embellished with a sinister echo. “That’s what Lucifer demands of us — all of us!”

As the ensuing tornado of fire receded, Mrs. Satan was asked why she had denied such charges in the past. The author threw her head back, laughed maniacally, gently stroked her hellcat, then calmly explained: “Because my master’s power is only now at its zenith. Only now can I reveal the true purpose of my work.

“Only with the release of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, due in North American theatres on Nov. 15, is it too late for all you impotent mortals to do anything to stop it!”

Rowling then graciously offered me tea and shortbread cookies and wearily discussed the progress of the fifth Potter novel, which is taking so long “because my sweet, beautiful Lucifer suddenly fancies himself an editor, and every night he sends up some deformed minion with a bunch of notes like, ‘Are you sure Ron Weasely would say that?’ and ‘I’m thinking subplot with a love interest here!’ I mean, do I tell him how to harvest souls?”


Detailed Analysis

According to this message, which circulates via email, blogs and various social networks, J.K. Rowling, the author of the phenomenally popular Harry Potter series, has admitted in an interview that she is an “avowed Satanist”. The message purports to be a news report of an interview with the author by “correspondent Massimo Commanducci” for a publication called “Post Mortem”. In the interview, J.K. Rowling supposedly claims to have given herself to Lucifer in return for wealth and power and admits that the Harry Potter books are designed to corrupt young minds in homage to the Prince of Darkness.

Not surprisingly, however, the story is utter nonsense. Of course, no such interview ever took place and J.K. Rowling certainly did not admit to being a Satanist intent on doing the devil’s business. Although the satirical – and entirely fictional – nature of the story may seem obvious to many recipients, submissions and comments indicate that many others apparently believe that the claims in the message are true.
In fact, the story began life as a satirical piece published back in 2002. Several reports indicate that the story was first published in a satirical section of Canadian news outlet “The National Post” in 2002. It appears that the story circulated for some months after its initial publication before fading away. However, during 2010, the story seems to have gained a new lease on life and is again circulating vigorously, complete with very outdated references to the “Nov. 15” (2002) release of the movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”.

The story is no longer available in its original setting, where it was no doubt clear that it was written solely as satire and did not report any real interview with or statements made by J. K. Rowling. In its original context, the story was likely intended to poke fun at concerns raised by some conservative Christian and Muslim commentators about alleged occult or Satanic subtexts supposedly contained within the Harry Potter novels.

Even if you do have concerns about the suitability of Harry Potter for children, a more thorough reading of the above message should make it obvious that this “interview” story is untrue. The story includes obviously fictional constructs such as Rowling laughing maniacally while stroking her “hellcat”, sudden tornadoes of fire, and the absurdly humorous claim that Lucifer is playing an editor role for a new Harry Potter novel via notes delivered nightly by deformed minions from the depths of hell. And it hardly seems necessary to point out that Rowling has not changed her name to “Mrs. J. K. Satan” as she promised to do in the ‘”interview”

Moreover, the lack of any other credible references to J.K. Rowling’s supposed admissions of Satanism is also telling. If a world-famous figure such as J.K. Rowling had really admitted to being a Satanist, then you can rest assured that her admission would have been thoroughly reported in media outlets the world over. In fact, there are no such news reports whatsoever.

Thus, it is abundantly clear that the story is nothing more than humorous satire and is not intended to be taken in any way seriously.

This is not the only time that the Harry Potter series and it author have been the target of satirists. In 2003, a bogus “news report” about supposed evil and satanic references in Harry Potter published on the satirical website “The Onion”, escaped the confines of its original context and began circulating via email, thereby raising undue and unrealistic concerns among many Christian parents.

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