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Fuel From Salt Water

by Brett M. Christensen

Series of videos and messages claim that an inventor in the US has found a way to burn salt water with a radio-wave generator.


Subject: salt water can be used for auto fuelCheck this out.


Detailed Analysis:
Claims that an inventor has found a way to “burn” salt water with a radio-wave generator are circulating in the form of videos, emails and website articles. The technique has generated so much excitement because there have been suggestions that it could potentially be used to power vehicle engines from that most abundant of resources, sea water, and thereby break our increasingly troublesome reliance on fossil fuels.

Although the process described may sound somewhat far-fetched, the claims in the videos and messages are factual, at least in the sense that the salt water actually does “burn”.

Several years ago, retired broadcast executive John Kanzius began working on a radio-wave generator that could kill cancer cells. The machine has so far shown promising results and has raised the interest of prominent doctors and scientists.

Kanzius and an associate, Charlie Rutkowski, later discovered that the radio-wave generator could actually burn salt water when they were experimenting to see if the machine could be used for desalination. A news video of the process shows how a test-tube filled with ordinary salt water with a piece of paper towel as a wick ignites and burns without consuming the paper. In fact, the water produces a flame without any wick at all. The footage also shows a miniature engine being powered by heat from the burning water. A chemist who examined the process determined that the energy released is hydrogen. The heat breaks down the bond between hydrogen and oxygen in the water.

It should be noted, however, that the process is not yet considered a practical method of generating energy and quite possible never will be. According to a PESWiki article on the subject, the radio-wave generator consumes more energy than can be produced by the burning salt water. Some of the more enthusiastic reports on the invention tend to gloss over this fact.

Last updated: 24th July 2007
First published: 24th July 2007
By Brett M. Christensen
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