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Fried Chicken Oreos Image is a Hoax

by Brett M. Christensen


Image circulating rapidly via social media appears to depict packaging for limited edition Fried Chicken Oreos.

Brief Analysis

No, Oreos do not come in a fried chicken flavoured version. The image is a prank that started life on Instagram back in July 2014. At the time, the Instagram user who posted the image acknowledged that it was just a joke. The company also denied that it was producing such a flavour. However, the rumour again gained momentum in 2015 after the image began circulating anew.


Fried Chicken Oreo Fake Image


Detailed Analysis

An image that is being shared widely via Twitter and Facebook appears to show packaging for a fried chicken flavoured version of popular cookie product Oreo. The image includes a picture of fried chicken along with one of the cookies and the label “Limited Edition Fried Chicken Oreo’.<

However, the image is just a prank and does not depict a real Oreo packet. The prank began life back in July 2014 after a user posted it to image sharing service Instagram.

The user posted the following message with the picture acknowledging the prank:

NO ITS NOT REAL! it’s a joke my cousin sent as a spin to the fruit punch cookie. Next thing gonna make is fried chicken get it? Funny ha ha but not funny at the same time.

Oreo parent company Nabisco, also responded to the rumour, telling media outlets that the fried chicken flavour was not real.

A company representative noted that:

“A fan who really liked the Fruit Punch flavor came up with the fried chicken OREO packaging photo as a sort of joke. It’s clearly gotten some traction over the internet, but the Fried Chicken OREO flavor is fake.”

The rumours fairly quickly faded after they first began circulating in mid-2014. However, they have resurfaced and the image is once again circulating rapidly.

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