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Fake-News: ‘Walmart Shoplifter Arrested With Groceries in Vagina’

by Brett M. Christensen


Circulating report claims that a woman was arrested for shoplifting at a Walmart store in Pennsylvania after police discovered she had hidden $100 worth of groceries in her vagina. 

Brief Analysis

The report is false. The arrest described did not take place. The report comes from the fake-news ‘satire’ website Huzlers. Nothing published on the site should be taken seriously.


Woman At Walmart Arrested For Shoplifting; Police Find $100 Worth Of Groceries In Her Vagina

PITTSTON, Pennsylvania A woman is facing charges and fines after being arrested Thursday evening at a Walmart store in Pittston, Pennsylvania. Police arrested and charged Holly Fray with grand theft after store employees said that they had seen her walking through the store, sticking food up her dress.

Walmart Hoax


Detailed Analysis

2According to a ‘news’ report that is making its way around the interwebs at speed, a Walmart shopper in Pennsylvania has been arrested after police found around $100 worth of groceries secreted in a rather unusual hiding place on her person.

Supposedly, after store staff noticed the woman sticking food items up her dress, police arrested her and found that a variety of grocery items – including eggs, milk, bread, and oranges, were hidden in her vagina. 

The report goes on to say that the Walmart store decided not to press charges against the woman because the situation was so laughable. Supposedly, the store placed the stolen items back on shelves for sale after police returned them.

The report features a mug shot of the would-be thief.

2However, the claims in the report are nonsense. The incident described did not take place. This version of the story comes from the fake-news website, which is responsible for a string of nonsensical articles that it bills as satirical.

Nothing published on the site has any credibility and its reports should not be taken seriously. claims to be the ‘most notorious urban satirical entertainment website’.

The site presents its material in news format and does not include any clear disclaimer indicating that its reports are untrue. Thus, many people are taken in and share the site’s stories in the mistaken belief that they are real news reports.

The woman depicted in the article’s image is actually death row inmate Janeen Snyder who was convicted of killing a 16-year-old girl in 2001.

Versions of the same fake report have also appeared on other fake-news and ‘viral story’ websites. is just one of several ‘satirical’ websites that churn out a seemingly endless stream of fake news stories, many of which go viral via social media. It is thus a good idea to verify any strange or unusual reports that come your way before you share them. A quick search on an online news portal such as Google News will usually reveal if a circulating tale is true.

Importance Notice

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