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Fake-News Report Claims Man Found With 30 Cow Eyeballs in Anus

by Brett M. Christensen

According to a report that is currently circulating the interwebs at speed, police who pulled over a motorist in Wyoming discovered that the man had 30 cow eyeballs inserted in his anal cavity.

The report claims that the man took the eyeballs from the slaughterhouse where he worked because he liked to cook them in soups. Supposedly, the man hid the eyeballs in his rectum because he thought it was the only way that he could smuggle them out of the slaughterhouse without getting caught and fired.

The report includes an image of the supposed eyeball smuggler along with a picture allegedly depicting one of the eyeballs found by police.

However, the claims in the report are fanciful nonsense. No such case occurred. There are no legitimate news reports that support the claims in the story.

The false report comes from a fake-news ‘entertainment’ website called and has also been published on several other fake news sites. The purpose of these fake articles is simply to attract large numbers of visitors to the sites and thereby generate increased revenue for their publishers.

The images used in the fake report are stolen from other sources. The first image depicts James Joe Nordwall, a Rock Springs, Wyoming sex offender who received a lengthy prison sentence for his crimes in August 2014. The second image is featured on a Field Trip Explainers blog entry about a cow eyeball dissection demo.

These fake-news sites usually do not include any clear or meaningful disclaimers alongside their bogus reports. There is nothing on the report pages that indicates to visitors that the material is fictional. And, the sites present their fictional stories in news format. Thus, many visitors tend to believe the stories and share them via social media.

It is always wise to verify any strange or unusual stories that come your way before you pass them on. You can usually find out if a story is true by searching an online news portal such as Google News.



Police saw an El Camino speeding and swerving down 144 S Ctr Street Thursday night and immediately pulled the car over. During a routine field sobriety test, the officer saw several eyeballs slide from the suspect’s pant leg

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