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Fake ‘Fast and Furious’ Giveaway Posts Targeting Facebook Users

by Brett M. Christensen

According to various posts from a Facebook Page called “Fast and Furious  8,9,10”, you can win cars and large cash prizes just by liking, sharing, and commenting and then clicking a link to register your prize entry and download movies. 

Despite the claims in the posts, however, those who choose to participate have no chance whatsoever of winning any money or cars. There are no prizes. The Facebook Page is bogus and it has no connection to the movie franchise The Fast and the Furious or any of its stars.

Instead, the posts are scams designed to trick people into divulging their personal and financial information on decidedly dodgy video streaming websites.

By insisting that you like, share, comment, and tag, the scammers ensure that their fake giveaway posts are seen by a growing number of potential victims.

And, if you click the register or download links in the scam posts, you will be taken to a video streaming website that promises access to thousands of movies and urges you to sign up for a free account. However, to get the supposedly free account, you are required to provide valid credit card details. And, fine-print text on the page notes that the free access period will only last for three days, after which you will be charged $48 USD per month.  This is a very high monthly cost when compared to the fees charged by legitimate video streaming sites such as Netflix.

And, any company that allows itself to be promoted via bogus Facebook posts promising non-existent prizes should never be trusted with your credit card details or any other personal information. Companies that use such tactics lose every shred of credibility and you would be wise to never do any kind of business with them. They may misuse your credit card details and other personal information and you may never receive the products or services that they promise. 
These “Fast and Furious” scam posts are similar to a series of recent scams which falsely claim that various high-profile celebrities are giving away cash, cars, and other prizes. These celebrity giveaway scam posts all link to the same dodgy video streaming websites.

If one of these scam posts crosses your News Feed, don’t be tempted to participate.

Screenshot showing one of the scam posts:

Fast and Furious Giveaway Scam Post 1