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Facebook Surcharge Hoax – £1 Per Month From January 2015

by Brett M. Christensen


Protest message being shared across Facebook claims that Facebook has announced plans to start levying a surcharge of  £1 per month from 1st January 2015.

Brief Analysis

The claims are untrue. Facebook has not announced any plans to start charging users for normal services. The message is just an updated version of several old “Facebook charging” hoaxes that have been circulating for years.



News just out. Facebook are planning to charge all users £1.00 per month to continue using their services from 1st January 2015. Share this to your friends if you are against this and think it is unacceptable.


Facebook Surcharge Hoax


Detailed Analysis

According to a would-be protest message that is currently being shared across Facebook, the company is planning to impose a surcharge of £1 per month per user for the continued use of its services from January 1, 2015. The message implores people to share the information with their friends if they think the charging plans are unacceptable.

However, the claims in the message are nonsense. Facebook has certainly not announced any plans to start charging its users for normal service. There are no credible news or media reports about such a plan. If a charge had been announced, it would have generated a great deal of discussion and speculation from commentators all around the world and have been widely reported by news outlets.
Facebook may charge a fee for using certain extra features of its service such as the ability to send messages directly to the inboxes of people who are not on your friends list. However, Facebook has repeatedly dismissed rumours that it has any plans to start charging for everyday use of its service.

And, of course, right there on its login page, Facebook prominently displays the slogan “It’s free and always will be”.

In fact, this message is just a revamped version of several other hoaxes that have falsely claimed that Facebook is about to start charging its users.

The prankster responsible for this hoax has gone to the trouble of creating a pictorial version complete with Facebook logos and even a fake “Dislike Button” image. Nevertheless, it is still just as silly as its predecessors. It is unclear why the prankster opted to list a date more than a year into the future. But, perhaps he or she just wants to see how far the fake message will travel over that period and how often it will be shared.

Let’s not give the prankster any satisfaction. If this hoax message comes your way, do not share it with others. And let the person who posted it know that the message is a hoax.

Importance Notice

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