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Why do Facebook Scammers Want Likes?

by Brett M. Christensen

Question from Reader:

I know there are a lot of fake Pages on Facebook that are just designed to get people to click the ‘like’ button. But why? What do the people who create the fake pages get out of it? 


Yes, it is certainly true that there are plenty of scam Pages on Facebook that are designed to accumulate likes. The scam pages usually promise expensive prizes, store gift cards, or even cash as incentives for people to click like. Of course, the promised prizes do not exist.

There are two main reasons why Facebook scammers try to gather likes using this tactic:

1: To sell the Facebook Page

There is a thriving market for Facebook pages with high numbers of likes. Some high like number pages can sell for thousands of dollars.

It costs nothing to create a Facebook Page. And, by pretending to give away a valuable prize, a scam Page can often harvest many thousands of likes in just a few days. All with little further work required from the scammers who created it.

And, if the scammers can then sell the Page – even for a few hundred dollars – they can turn a tidy profit with very little effort.

The Page’s new owners will then use the Page to reach its large built-in audience and push their own products, services, or scam messages.


2: To reuse the Facebook Pages for further scam and scam campaigns

Often, like-farming is only part one of the scam.

After a scam Page has accumulated a large number of likes, the scammers may then run more bogus giveaways. But, this time, as well as liking and sharing, the scammers will trick users into clicking a link that takes them to suspect online survey websites. Supposedly, participating in a survey is a condition of entry for the prize draw. But, again, there is no prize and no winners.

The scammers will earn money via dodgy affiliate marketing schemes each time one of their victims supplies their personal information via a survey.

Alternatively, the scammers may use their now much more popular Page to launch other types of scams, promote websites, or market products and services.

Thus, money is the main motivator that drives those who create like-farming pages.

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