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‘Engr. Goren Needs Your Help’ Advance Fee Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

Scammers use many methods to reach potential victims including email, text messages, and social media posts.

In the case described here, “Engineer Goren” sent the following message after a user accepted his friend request on a social media website.

Goren claims that he and his partner “General Alex” have managed to move $1.6 million out of Afghanistan. Supposedly, this money was a share of revenue made from an oil business deal and has been paid into a security company for safekeeping.

Goren claims that he is unable to access his accounts because of his work commitments. So, he needs your help to retrieve the funds from the security company.  In exchange for your help, he will allow you to keep 25% of his share of the  $1.6 million.

The only problem is that you will need to pay an upfront delivery fee of around $2500 to the security company.

Of course, there is no $1.6 million and any money you sent will disappear forever into the pockets of the grubby little scammer who sent the message.

If you do send money, “Goren” will then try to convince you to send even more, ostensibly to cover a range of imaginary expenses.

When he has extracted as much money and personal information from you as possible, “Goren” will ghost you.

That is, he will cease all communications and you will be unable to get any further responses from him. You will never get your money back. Nor, of course, will you ever receive your 25% share of the – entirely fictional – oil money.

Moreover, the scammer may be able to use the personal and financial information you sent him to steal your identity.

Advance fee scams like this one are very common and take many forms. Unfortunately, they still gain new victims around the world every day.

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An example of the scam message:

I am Engr. Goren [removed] and i hope i ain’t bothering you with this message, i just need your help but if only you’re interested, all you need to know it’s in here just take your time to read carefully and we can both do this together. Now i urge you to take this message seriously with good faith and trust to join me and i am assuring you, We can achieve It successfully.

I have $1.6 Million US dollars, that was successfully moved out of Afghanistan and been paid with my name into a security company. By my very good friend working with the UN. General Alex [removed]. Who is presently in Afghanistan for peace keeping mission.

Now this money was realize from the oil business we did with Afghanistan citizens of which it’s worth $11.2 million US dollars, but the $1.6 million US dollars is stated Available for General [removed] and myself. As our share of the business, and he legally moved the funds out of Afghanistan as a family valuable items and paid into a security company on my name, with the help of UN Diplomatic.

Right now the most important thing is building a Trust between us, once you’re able to retrieve the funds from the security company.

You’re entitled to 25% out of my own share, me and him was supposed to split it 50/50 by percentage. but right now, i’m in the rig working in the middle of the ocean, with my bank account dormant/inactive, due to security reasons, i can’t access my bank account from here. i even tried to contact my account adviser but he said the only way out is for me to come back to the States, of which i can’t have my vacation right now because my replacement is very sick and have been relief of his duty and i was asked to stay till further notice. I hope you’re understanding me?

So once you’re able to retrieve the funds from the security company, our 75% should be kept safe until i return or an account will be given to you to dispose it.

But the only problem is that, you will be asked by the security company to pay for the delivery fee of which, i don’t know how much it will cost, but i know it’s not gunna be more than $2,500 USD.

But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times. I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and i thank you in advance as I anticipate your co-operation waiting for your urgent response.before i give you all Details concerning the transaction to receive this Funds for me.

So if you’re interested, let me know and i will forward my certificate of deposit to you for more confirmation and also let you know on what to do to be able to retrieve the funds with details. thanks and i hope to hear from you soon.