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Email Forward Claims Jamie Bulger Killer Linked to Perth Child Murder

by Brett M. Christensen

Email message claims that the person who raped and murdered a young child in Perth Western Australia is actually one of the boys who killed little Jamie Bulger in 1993.



Hello friends

I am just so angry, frustrated and really upset at what has happened at the Livingston Shopping Centre that I needed to let you all know the “truth” behind the mongrel murderer. About 3 yrs ago when I was working at the prison we found out that one of the boys (at the time aged about 12) that abducted James Bulger from a shopping centre in the U.K., then brutally raped and murdered him, had reached the age of 18 and had been sent out to Australia with a new identity for his family, etc. Long story short is that he was given the name of Dante Arthurs, his grandfather’s name is Arthur Dante, and his family moved into a house in Canning Vale. When the prison staff got wind of this it was all supposed to be kept hushed up, it was some sort of prisoner exchange deal the Aust Govt set up. Soon after he got here he assaulted a 12 yrd old girl in a park in Canning Vale and consequently came to Hakea prison but for only about 6 weeks as they couldn’t get enough evidence on him and the incident was brushed under the mat. His parents used to visit him and their photos were on the computers at work and I clearly recall seeing his mum at the Livingston shops one day. I even had his address and because I’ve got friends and family in the area, I felt I had a right to tell them, stuff the prisons!! I had even driven past his house in Lakeview Rise estate in Canning Vale!

Anyway when this happened yesterday I said to Ron, it’d be interesting to see if it’s that Dante Arthurs guy from the U.K. and sure enough today we find out that it is him. I am, along with a lot of others, absolutely furious that the mongrel ****hole was allowed to come here via the Govt in the first place and that he was allowed to appear to live a normal life!! Why haven’t the police done something about this – he should not be allowed to breathe air, he is the scum of the earth. And tonight he would be sitting back in a comfortable cell in prison, having just had a reasonable hot dinner and be watching TV!

That innocent little girl and her poor family will never ever be the same again – all because the piss weak Justice System and Govt allowed him to live in our country! There is a register for paedophiles so that the community are allowed to know where they’re living and yet this piece of shit can live on our back door step with a new identity. People winge about illegal immigrants, what about this?

It will be interesting to see what unfolds over the next few days, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s whisked out of the country in the same manner he was bought here, then again knowing our pathetic laws, we’ll probably keep him here in our justice system, costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed and entertain him PLUS the do-gooders will believe in their minds that they can rehabilitate him!

I was just going to type “sorry ” but I’m not at all sorry for alerting my friends to something that should be publicly known.

Stay safe, talk soon.

Detailed Analysis:
This email forward claims that the person who raped and murdered a young child in Perth Western Australia is actually one of the boys who killed little Jamie Bulger in 1993. However, there is no evidence to support this claim and any link between the two killings has been strenuously denied by authorities.

The reference in the message to the murder at Livingston Shopping Centre is real. In June 2006, 8 year old Sofia Rodrigez-Urrutia-Shu was brutally raped and murdered in the toilets of a Perth (Western Australia) shopping centre. Dante Wyndham Arthurs, the depraved individual thought responsible for this sickening crime was later apprehended.

The abduction and murder of Jamie Bulger is also real. In February 1993 Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who were both ten years old at the time, tortured and killed toddler Jamie Bulger and left his battered body on railway tracks. These boys were released from custody in 2001, given new identities, and moved to undisclosed locations.

There have been long standing rumours that the boys were relocated to Australia. One version of a long running, and totally outdated, email petition protesting the release of the boys claims that they were to be moved to Australia. However, no evidence for this claim has ever been presented and it is highly unlikely that the Australian government would have agreed to such a relocation. Australia stopped taking left-overs from British prisons a long time ago. As a condition of their release from custody, these boys were to remain indefinitely under the supervision of UK authorities, so it is improbable that they would have been moved to another country.

An injunction in place when the boys were released prevents the publication of any information that could lead to their identification and this has fuelled a great deal of rumour and speculation regarding the location of the pair. Supposed, and totally unsubstantiated, sightings of these boys are common in the UK.

The Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison has vehemently denied the rumours. ABC News Online quotes the Justice Minister as stating:

“I can categorically say that the person who has been arrested is not one of the two who have been convicted for the murder of James Bulger,” he said.

“And indeed the email that has been circulating is scurrilous and false.

“We have not allowed into Australia either of those two offenders.”


The claim has also been denied by Clive Hunton, of the British High Commission press office in Canberra. News reports quote Mr Hunton as stating, “There is no connection between the man arrested in WA and the individuals involved in the James Bulger case.”

According to an article on theage.com.au, Western Australian police have also dismissed any connection between the two killings:

Since his arrest rumours have circulated, including that Arthurs was one of two 10-year-old boys convicted of abducting three-year-old James Bulger from a Liverpool shopping centre in 1993 and killing him near a canal.

West Australian police were today forced to issue a statement saying they were aware of the rumours but had failed to substantiate them.

“The rumours are speculative and without ground,” WA Police Deputy Commissioner Chris Dawson said in a statement.

Like other such emails, the message does not provide any information about the author nor does it include any method of confirming its claims. There is also at least one inconsistency in the message that casts further doubt on its veracity. It is well documented that Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were both ten years old when they killed Jamie Bulger, not 12 as claimed in the message. This would put their current age at 23. However, news sources have widely reported that Dante Arthurs is 21 years old, not 23.

News of vile and senseless killings of innocents like Sofia is likely to make any decent person angry and distressed. However, spreading angry, emotionally charged, and totally unsubstantiated rumours such as this one will only make the situation even more unbearable, especially for the family and friends of little Sofia.

Last updated: 29th June 2006
First published: 28th June 2006
By Brett M. Christensen
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