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Disney Cruise Line Job Offer Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

Email purporting to be from Disney Cruise Line claims that a number of positions are currently available and invites recipients to contact a “client service officer” to get an application form.

Brief Analysis
The email is not from Disney Cruise Line and the supposed jobs are just the bait used to entice people into responding. The message is a scam designed to trick applicants into sending money and personal information to criminals.


Subject: Disney Cruise Line job offer

JOB ID:  EU/DCL/00867-13


Complements of the season; We want to inform you that we are hiring candidates that will work with Disney Cruise Line [Australia] under the job Identification Number EU/DCL/00867-13. The total recruitment will be 205 applicants. Minimum Age requirements is 18-years and above.

This is the Available Position:

Deck Crew                                              Gift Shop Positions
Cruise Directors                                    Photographers
Disc Jockeys                                           Junior Assistant Pursers
Expedition Leaders                             Information Technology Staff
Hosts and Hostesses                          Administration Assistants
Naturalists                                          Customer Service Representatives

Shore Excursion Managers              Casino Staff
Water Sports  Cruise Staff
Youth Counselors                             Entertainers
Cosmetologist                                   Gentleman Host
Fitness Directors                             Lecturers
Medical Staff                                    Production Managers
Air/Sea Reservation Agents          Shore Excursion Staff
Bartenders                                       Lifeguards
Guest Relations                               Photographer

Massage Therapists
Fitness Instructors
Personal Trainers
Bar Stewards
Bedroom Stewards
Hospitality or Hotel Managers
Dance Instructors
Booking Agents
Sales and Marketing Positions
Engineering Department Crew

We need serious applicants that have the ability to work hard and must agree to abide by the company rules and regulations. Working onboard a cruises ship does require discipline. Salary depends on the position you’re applying for and your experience. Salary ranges from 3,120-EURO and above.

If you are interested in any of the above position, contact us via bellow email to receive our Job Application Form. Email:

The managements will take care of qualified Applicants accommodation and Air ticket. We will provide all the relevant Supports documents to enable any qualified applicants get his or her Visa/ Working permit.


Mrs. [Name removed]
Client service officer
Disney Cruise Line
Australia Office

[Contact details removed]

Detailed Analysis

According to this email, Disney Cruise Line is currently hiring candidates for a variety of positions on their cruise ships.  Those interested in applying are instructed to contact the company via email to procure a job application form. Supposedly, the message was sent by a “client service officer” at the company’s Australian office.

However, the email is not from Disney Cruise Line. In fact, it is a typical job scam. The scammers use the promise of exciting and well-paid jobs to trick job-hunters into making contact. The supposed positions listed in the scam email do not exist and are just the bait used to hook victims.

Those who take the bait and make contact with the scammers will first be asked to fill in an – utterly bogus – application form that asks them to supply sensitive personal and financial information, ostensibly as a means of verifying their identity and for payroll purposes.

Soon after submitting their “application”, they will receive an email claiming that they have been accepted and can start as soon as possible.  However, the scammers will then claim that the successful applicant must pay certain upfront fees before they can start work. They may be told that they need to pay for a police clearance check, visa and legal fees or insurance. They may be told that they need to pay for initial travel and accommodation with a promise that they will be reimbursed as soon as they are officially on the payroll. Or they may be told that they must pay in advance for training materials, uniforms or equipment.  Requests for more and more fees may continue until victims finally come to realize that a scam is afoot.

And, via the initial “application form” and further requests for personal information, the criminals may collect enough data to allow them to steal the identities of their victims.

Disney Cruise Line has confirmed that these “job offer” emails are not affiliated with the company in any way.

Job offer scams like this one are quite common. Criminals regularly use the names and logos of high profile travel companies, hotel chains, and other entities as a means of gaining new victims.Companies such as Disney or Hilton are never likely to attempt to recruit staff via unsolicited and poorly crafted emails like the example above.

Be wary of any unsolicited job offer that you receive via email. Always verify that the job offer is genuine before responding.

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