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Delixi Consults ‘Payment Assistant’ Job Offer Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

According to this email, a Chinese based company called ‘Delixi Consults’ would like to hire you as a payment assistant. Your job tasks, claims the message, would involve collecting customer checks and money orders, processing them via your bank account, and wiring the proceeds back to Delixi Consults via international money transfer. The message further explains that, as payment for your work, the company will allow you to deduct 10% from each check or money order your receive.

The email claims that you can perform the work at home and still keep your current job. Supposedly, the company needs staff in your country to efficiently process payments from local customers. The email asks that you reply with your name, age, and contact details if you are interested in taking up the position.

And should you have any doubts as to the legality of the job, the email claims that the company’s lawyers have checked all legal provisions and found that doing the work is ‘safe and legitimate’.

However, despite this assurance, the email is not a legitimate job offer and it was not sent by any legitimate company.

In fact, the email is a typical job scam designed to trick you into laundering the proceeds of crime. If you accepted the ‘job’, you would soon begin receiving checks and money orders supposedly sent by the company’s customers. Your bank may at first accept the checks and money orders, so you may dutifully deduct your 10% and wire the remainder as cash back to the company. You may send the money out of your own funds while you wait for the checks and money orders to be processed. But, the bank will later discover that the checks and money orders are either fake or stolen.

Via this ruse, criminals are able to turn the proceeds of dodgy checks and money orders into untraceable cash. And, you may be left out of pocket for any money that you have sent. Moreover, police investigations into the fraudulent activities may lead them directly to your door. You could even be charged with fraud yourself.

Meanwhile, the criminals who set up the fake job can disappear with the cash and leave you holding the bundle.

This type of scam is still very common and still finds new victims. Be very wary of any supposed job offer that asks you to accept and process customer payments via your own bank account and send the proceeds back to your ’employer’ via a wire transfer. No legitimate organization is ever likely to conduct its business in such a manner. Nor would any legitimate employer pay its staff by allowing them to deduct and keep a percentage of customer payments.

If you receive a ‘job offer’ message like this one, do not be tempted to apply for the supposed job. The best thing to do with such emails is to simply delete them.


Dear Sir/Madam,

It is my pleasure to write to you in respect of our organization; Delixi Consults based in People Republic of China and has a Chapter in Holland,Our organization is a leader in the export of textile products including a variety of yarns and myriad of fabrics as well as various clothing materials, Artworks and construction equipment We buy and deliver competitively-priced,quality products to our customers in the textile industry.

Our Head office is in china,with branches all over Europe,parts of West Africa. Over the years,We have been expanding our clientèle’s to the United States/Canada,South America,North America and we have gotten some clients over there. We are currently looking for trustworthy representatives in your region that can help as a link between us and our clients over there. We need reliable individuals/companies as book-keepers or representatives such as you. So I would like to know if you will like to work with us online from home and get paid based on percentage without leaving your present job if you have any. We will be glad if you could work with us as our representative or book-keeper in your country.

You will be working as our payment assistant in charge of collecting and processing payments from our clients. Since they will be making the payment in checks or money orders made payable only in your country, you will be collecting these payments, cash them at your bank, then be forwarding them via money transfer international money transfer). And for this service, We agree to pay you 10% of every total amount you collect from our clients.and be aware if you are a company we are purchasing product from this can also build our partnership in receiving fund for us on our behave.


1.18 years or older.
2.Responsible,Reliable and Trustworthy
3.Ability to receive and follow instructions.
4.Able to check and respond to emails often.
5.Easy telephone access. kindly reply to this Email ( sandralsmith1@hotmail.com ).


Yes it is. As a matter of fact, our lawyers checked all legal provisions to know if there is any domestic or international law against businesses or deals in this manner. And they said it is allowed by all LAWS. So know that doing this work is safe and legitimate. We would be glad if you accept our proposal. We intend to commence as soon as you are ready. Just click the reply button to indicate your interest and we will contact you as soon as possible. Make sure you reply with the details stated below:








I hope to hear back from you.

Mr. Richard Brown
Marketing Manager for Delixi Consults & Co.

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