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‘Convid 19 Relief Palliative Team’ Advance Fee Scam

by Brett M. Christensen
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According to this email, which claims to be from the World Health Organization and the Internal Revenue Service, you have won 23 million dollars via the “Convid 19 relief palliative team”.

Supposedly, your mobile phone number was attached to the winning ticket. The email instructs you to reply with your personal information “for verification of your prize and production of your prize certificate”.  It claims that you must pay $50 for a “NON INSPECTION CERTIFICATE”.

However, the claims in the email are utter nonsense. Neither the WHO nor the IRS sent the email, and you have not won so much as a cent. The email is an advance fee scam designed to trick you into sending money and personal information to criminals.

In a rather lame effort to appear more plausible, the message references supposed rules and regulations related to the transfer of funds.  (Section 6, sub section (11) of the Enabling Act of the United Nations? Really? One would have thought that the WHO and IRS might have at least managed to spell “COVID-19” correctly.)

This variant is a little different from others of its ilk in that it asks for payment in the initial email. More commonly, advance fee scammers entice you to reply and then claim that you must send money to cover various imaginary expenses.

The email also asks you to pay using a gift card from Google Play, eBay, or Steam. Scammers regularly ask for payment using gift cards because such cards are harder to trace than money transfers or credit card transactions.

No legitimate organization is ever likely to ask you to pay fee or expenses via store gift cards. Any such request should be treated as fraudulent.

Advance fee scams take many forms and have been stealing money from people around the world for generations. The best thing to do with these messages is just hit “delete”.

An example of the scam email:

Subject: YOU HAVE WON US$23.000.000,000 From Convid 19 relief palliative team
To: INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE USA (IRS)Cowdray House Houghton StreetIOWA WC2A 2AETel: +1 319 777 0033Greetings,

We are pleased to announce to you the result of the World Health
Organization international/INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE USA (IRS) live sms
grant held this MARCH 2021. Your mobile telephone number was attached
to ticket number:UK-USA77XD5XXX899TWSX54879 WON the sum of
US$23,000,000.00( Twenty Three Million USD) , On behalf of the entire
Convid 19 relief palliative team, we wish to congratulate all the
sponsors, partners especially Telecom for providing the Mobile
Directories for the Relief Programme. Every participant was selected
randomly from the computer ballot system.

The World Health Organization/INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE USA (IRS) in
collaboration with its Parent Organization United Nations Economic and
Social Council looked at the coronavirus pandemic damage on the world
economy and decided to help individuals and companies to bounce back
to their respective businesses. While basking in the euphoria of this
achievement, we wish to seize this opportunity to acquaint you with
guidelines that must be followed in order to complete this claim.

In accordance with the rules and regulation guiding every financial
institution on the delivery/ transferring of all inheritance funds as
stated in section 6, sub section (11) of the Enabling Act of the
United Nations, you as the beneficiary will only pay the sum of
US$50.00 for the procurement of NON INSPECTION CERTIFICATE which is
the only fee that every Beneficiary must pay to receive his money and
no ther fee is attached or hidden.

On our part, we have a mandate to see you through. We will work
assiduously to realize this mandate as we respect your views, opinions
and most importantly protect your privacy.

Please, kindly provide us with the following information for
verification of your prize and production of your prize certificate;

Full name…………………….. …………..

Full address………………….. ……………….

Age……………………… …………………

Sex……………………… …………………

Nationality………….. ……………………

Home Telephone #………………………

Mobile Telephone #……………………..

Occupation…………….. …………………

You should Either Buy Google Play GIFT CARD, EBAY GIFT CARD OR STEAM
WALLET GIFT CARD of US$50.00 and send it urgently as you send your
above requested infrmation for the immediate delivery of your fund.

Immediately we receives we required information and 50.00 USD GIFT

We will immediately start the process to facilitate your funds release
as soon as you send the required details. For security reasons, you
are advised to keep your Winning information confidential until your
grant is processed and remitted to you. Any form of double claim Will
lead to disqualification.

Once again congratulations from members and staff of world Health organization

Thanks and Best Regards

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