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Capri Sun Mold Warning

by Brett M. Christensen

A message that has circulated via Facebook and other social media websites since early 2013 warns parents about an incident in which mold was discovered in a container of the popular fruit drink Capri Sun. 

The message includes a photograph depicting the apparently moldy beverage after it was poured from its pouch into a glass for examination.

There is little reason to doubt the authenticity of either the message or the photograph. In fact, there have been a number of documented cases of mold being discovered in Capri Sun containers over recent years. And, Kraft Foods, the maker of the product, has publicly acknowledged the problem.

Kraft notes that, because the product is free of preservatives, mold can form if the package is torn or leaking or even if it contains one or more microscopic holes that can allow air inside.

Kraft has responded to the incident described above via the following post on the Capri Sun Facebook Page:

We’ve noticed that there has been loads of discussion on Facebook around a photo of a Capri Sun pouch containing mold. The safety of our products and well-being of our consumers are our top priorities, and we appreciate your openness and the concerns that have been expressed here on our page. We feel it is important that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information from us. While we have not had the opportunity to examine the affected product, the substance appears to be mold. When we have had the chance to have an independent lab analyze a sample in the past, it was confirmed to be similar to common bread mold. Among the many, many millions of pouches we sell each year, it does happen from time to time because the product is preservative free. A statement is included on all cartons telling consumers to discard any leaking or damaged packages. If mold does occur, we completely agree that it can be unsightly and gross, but it is not harmful and is more of a quality issue rather than a safety issue. We regularly check our quality control records, product samples and recent consumer contacts for issues or patterns and we don’t see anything that indicates this is a broader problem. In regard to the use of clear pouches, we have tried that but found that combining two different packaging materials (front and back) created manufacturing problems. We welcome open feedback, as many of us are parents too, and care deeply about what our kids and your kids drink. While we hope this as help answer some of your most pressing concerns, we invite you to visit our FAQ tab here for more information:

A later message makes similar contamination claims and states that a worm was found in a Capri Sun beverage. The message includes an image of what, at least at first glance does resemble a worm of some kind. However, the supposed worm could well be a type of mold. The “worm” claim is not unprecedented. A January 2012 Huffington Post article explains how a ten-year-old boy found what was first thought to be a worm in his Capri Sun drink. Kraft Foods later suggested that the “worm” might have also been mold.

A February 2012 report on CBS Philadelphia describes another such incident, noting:

Ashley Parks, who lives in Havertown, says a black substance was clogging the straw of a Capri Sun fruit punch her daughter, Emma, was drinking Tuesday. When she cut open the pouch, she saw a glob of something. “Very gross looking, and then if you turn it, you can see little black particles,” explained Ashley. Stephanie asked Emma, “what did you think when you saw it?” Emma replied, “Ew, it was gross.” The 8-year-old says it didn’t taste funny, and it didn’t make her sick. Ashley got online and quickly found a litany of complaints about mold in Capri Sun drinks.

A number of other similar complaints about mold in the product have also been reported.  



Do not purchase Capri suns. If you haven’t heard already there have been alot of stories of people drinking these Capri suns and a worm or something, yes a WORM comes out!well IT’S TRUE!
Yesterday my boyfriends sister was drinking one when she started saying the juice was barely coming out and it tasted funny we pulled up the straw and saw this worm hanging from it!
There are tons of stories and complaints on this problem and KRAFTs food is still putting Capri suns on store shelves!
This is so foul and discussting! They should recall all Capri sun products! Kids drink these things!
So please everyone do not purchase or drink any Capri suns because you will see what I’m talking about!!
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WARNING TO ALL PARENTS: my friend Jennifer gave her son a caprisun Saturday and he told her it tasted funny. She took a sip and said it tasted like straight alcohol. Cut it open and it was nothing but mold inside. Evidently, this happens a lot. They say the lack of preservatives leaves them susceptible to fermentation. I will never let Delo drink another.

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