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British Airways ‘100 All Inclusive First Class Trips’ Facebook Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

“British Airway” Facebook Page claims that British Airways is giving away 100 all inclusive first class trips to any destination world wide to people who like the Page, share a photo, and enter “42” as a comment.

Brief Analysis:
The Facebook Page is a scam and it is not associated with British Airways. No trips are being given away and there will be no winners. The Page is designed to collect large numbers of likes very quickly so that it can be used for other scam campaigns or sold on the black market to other scammers.

British Airways just turned 42! To celebrate in style we are giving away 100 All Inclusive First Class Trips to any destination world wide where you will stay in a 5 star hotel of your choosing and to top it off we are giving each winner 5,000 in spending cash! To win simply follow the steps below.
1. Share this photo and Type the number 42 in the comments.
2. Like our page.
Each winner will be notified by our page, remember to add our page to your favorites after clicking Like so our update shows up in your news feed!British Airways Facebook Like-Framing Scam

Detailed Analysis:
According to a post on a Facebook Page calling itself “British Airway”, you can win one of 100 all inclusive first class trips to any destination in the world along with $5000 spending money just by liking the Page, sharing the post, and entering “42” as a post comment. Supposedly, British Airways is giving away the trips as a means of  celebrating its 42 years in business. The post includes an image depicting a British Airways flight ticket and promises that winners will be notified via the Facebook Page.

However, the Facebook Page is not associated with British Airways in any way whatsoever and it is certainly not giving away any trips. Instead, the Page is a typical Facebook scam designed to rapidly collect large numbers of likes. By stipulating that participants must like the Page to enter, the scammers know that they will gain a great many new likes very quickly. And, by instructing people to share and comment, the scammers ensure that their material is seen by an ever-widening pool of potential victims.

More observant users will quickly notice that the name of the Page is “British Airway” rather than “British Airways”. A well established company such as British Airways is vastly unlikely to make such a glaring error on its social media channels. Moreover, the genuine British Airways Facebook Page features Facebook’s blue “verified” icon to prove its authenticity.

Once the scammers have accumulated a large number of likes for their bogus Page, they can use it to perpetrate survey scams or other types of  fraud, this time to a much larger audience. Or, alternatively, they may sell the Facebook Page to other scammers via a vigorous black market. The more likes a Facebook Page has, the larger the price it will likely command.

Scams like this are very common. Scammers have hijacked the names of several airline companies around the world in very similar scams. In fact, the name of British Airways has been used in a number of earlier versions of the scam. If one of these scam posts comes your way, don’t be lured into participating. If you do so, only the scammers win.

Last updated: July 27, 2016
First published: July 27, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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