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Bogus ‘Adele Laurie Blue’ Facebook Page Promises Free Range Rovers – Like-Farming Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

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Posts on a Facebook Page that supposedly belongs to popular UK singer Adele claims that the star is offering the chance to win a brand new Range Rover to Facebook users who like the Page, share the post, and tag a friend.

Brief Analysis:

The Page is in no way associated with Adele and those who participate will certainly not win a Range Rover. The Page is a scam designed to rapidly accumulate large numbers of likes so that it can be used to launch further scams to a larger audience or sold on the black market to other scammers.


Hey all! I have started a new FB page, and as a gesture of appreciation I will offer you my brand new Range Rover. Follow the steps
1 Like the page Adele Laurie Blue
2 Share the photo
3 Tag a friend!
Good luck!Adele Laurie Blue Facebook Scam Page


Detailed Analysis:

According to a post on a Facebook Page that calls itself ‘Adele Laurie Blue’, the much-loved UK singer Adele is giving away her brand new Range Rover as a ‘gesture of appreciation’. For a chance to win the vehicle, claims the post, all you need to do is like the Page, share the post on Facebook, and tag a friend in the post.  The Page features a photograph of Adele as its profile image and includes a cover graphic that promotes the star’s album ’25’.

However, the Facebook Page is fraudulent. It is not associated with Adele in any way and it is not giving away a Range Rover. In fact, the Page is a scam designed to collect large numbers of Page likes very quickly. By tricking people into sharing the bogus post and tagging their friends, the scammers ensure that their fraudulent material will travel quickly across Facebook and they will thus gain a great many new Page likes.

The genuine Adele Facebook Page, which is simply called ‘Adele’, not ‘Adele Laurie Blue’, features Facebook’s blue ‘verified’ icon to prove its authenticity. The profile and cover images used on the fake Facebook Page have been stolen from Adele’s genuine Page.

And, the photograph of the red-ribboned Range Rover featured in the scam post has been floating around the interwebs since at least 2013, so it is hardly ‘brand new’ in any case.

Creating bogus Facebook Pages that claim to belong to celebrities is a common ruse used in both like-farming and survey scams. In fact, in March 2016, another fake Adele Facebook page falsely claimed to be giving away smartphones to fans who liked, shared and commented. Be wary of any Page or post that claims that a celebrity is giving away cash or prizes in exchange for liking and sharing. Keep in mind that the official Facebook pages of most celebrities will include the verified icon beside their names.

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