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No, a Billboard in Zimbabwe Does NOT Claim ‘You Can Kill Whites in South Africa’ — HOAX

by Brett M. Christensen

This disturbing message, which is currently circulating via WhatsApp, features a photograph depicting a roadside billboard claiming that “you can kill whites in South Africa”.

The sign further claims that you will not be punished for murdering whites and that “you will get a white farm”.
Afrikaans text that comes with the image claims that the sign is located in Zimbabwe and asks that you send the post to everyone you know in the world and make it known everywhere.

Fake Kill White Billboard Message

However, no such sign exists, in Zimbabwe or anywhere else. The image is fake.

The perpetrators of this disgusting hoax have altered a genuine photograph of a roadside sign that provided information for rape victims.

A 2016 report on Snopes.com notes that Doctors Without Borders erected the original sign at a town in Liberia. The sign advised rape victims to seek free treatment at a local clinic.

Doctors Without Borders Rape Help Sign

The same photograph was used in another disgraceful hoax that falsely claimed that refugees in Finland could commit rape without being punished.

Again, the perpetrators altered the photograph to fit their bigoted political agenda.  They even changed the colour of the rape victim’s skin to drive home their sickening racist worldview.

Fake Rape SIgn Finland

Another version moves the supposed location of the sign to Sweden and adds in extra people.
Fake Rape Sign Sweden VersionIt is important to fact check messages such as this one before sharing them. If a suspect message features an image, performing a reverse image search can often reveal if a photograph is genuine.

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