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Anzhela – Russian Dating Scammer

by Brett M. Christensen


Email claims that “Anzhela”, a young woman living in Russia, is searching for a man in another country with the view to developing a long term and loving relationship


Hello the man, not familiar for me!

I understand, that you are very much surprised to see my letter now. But I ask, that you spent 10 minutes of time and read it. There is a probability that your and my life can change. First I wish to be presented to you. My name is Anzhela and I ask to name me so. To me of 28 years, I live in Russia in the city of Kirov. I am single and never married. I am finished school also have gone to study in school of beauty. I was learnt in it and now I work as the hairdresser. My life goes smoothly and in regular intervals, but unique lack during my life at me is not present the man which could make me happy. For all my life I could not meet the man which is necessary for me, but very much I want.

Once in the evening I watched TV and there spoke, that in Russia 15000000 women who live without the man and that birth rate of women in Russia in 1,5 times more, than men. It is sad, but it is the fact. Also on the TV have told, that now many women use “Marriage agencies” which help to find suitable the man in any point our globe. I have found such agency here in my city and have addressed to them for this help. They have told to me, that their help paid and costs 1500 roubles. First I thought, that it is expensive for me, but then I have decided to not be greedy and have decided, that money not the most important for me during this life. During this life I want happiness, I want love, I want relations and happy family. Money cannot give to me of it and I have paid to them. They have suggested me to get acquainted with the man from other country. For me it was the big surprise and it is a little terrible, but nevertheless I have not refused. I have thought. Why to not try to get acquainted with the man from other country if I could not find my special man here in Russia. Probably my destiny. To be with the man from other country? I do not know.

They to me gave yours e-mail the address also have told, that you also search the woman for your life. I have taken all data and have gone to the Internet of cafe as I can not use a computer well. I have asked the manager the Internet of cafe to create to me a letter box. I write now this letter to you and I hope, that you will answer me. Also here in my letter you should receive 2 my photos and at once can see my appearance. I think, that it is much more pleasant to receive the letter from the person and at once to see, how this person looks.

Certainly appearance not the most important in the person as the private world of the person is much more interesting and it is most important, nevertheless my photos. Now you have learned a little about me and also can see, how I look also I ask to think. We can try to create serious relations or probably simply to be friends. If is not present, simply tell to me about it and I shall understand. And still I wished to speak to you. Very big request Also would like if you nevertheless are interested in me that write to me about yours e-mail where we with you could speak and a little good photos you have gone to me. Here like and all that I wished to speak with you and now I only needed to wait from you for the answer and I hope that you will write that to me if I was not pleasant to you or serious relations are not necessary to you let to me know.

The lonely woman from Russia Anzhela!

P.S. Please reply on my e-mail: anzheladream@gmail.com
I will speak mine with you!

Anzhela Russian Scammer 1

Anzhela Russian Scammer 2


Detailed Analysis

I am regularly contacted by beautiful young women from Russia who seem intent on developing an intimate relationship with me. Sadly, I’ve come to the conclusion that these young lovelies aren’t contacting me because they have been overwhelmed by my natural charm and good looks (grin). Alas, they are just out to steal my money and break my heart.

The latest to contact me is pretty Anzhela of the delightfully fractured English. Anzhela is looking for love and marriage because, apparently, in Russia there is not enough men to go round.

Anzhela’s story might sound convincing to certain gullible, and lovelorn recipients. However, those who begin an email relationship with her are setting themselves up to be conned. Anzhela will slowly build up a seemingly intimate, if long-distance, relationship with her target. She will be skilled at pushing all the right buttons so that her victim will not only begin to trust her, but may even fall in love with her. But. eventually, Anzhela will begin asking her would-be lover for financial help. She may ask for money for airfares so that she can come for a visit. Or she might ask for an emergency loan to help pay medical bills for a sick relative. In fact, there are many excuses that she might come up with to explain why her victim should send her money. If the victim does comply and sends money, he will probably be repeatedly asked to send even more. He will never see a cent of the money again, nor will he ever get to actually meet Anzhela.

Also, Anzhela might gradually extract enough sensitive personal information out of her by now very trusting boy friend so that she can eventually steal his identity outright.

Another angle used by scammers of Anzhela’s ilk is to use their victims as money-laundering mules. She might invent some excuse as to why she cannot cash cheques or money orders in Russia. She will therefore ask her victim if he could process them for her and then wire her the proceeds. But, the cheques or money orders will turn out to be stolen or faked, potentially leaving her victim out of pocket and in trouble with the police.

Of course “Anzhela” is quite likely to be no more than a fictional character invented by the scammer. These scammers regularly recycle the same photographs with different names and cover stories. The person sending the scam messages may not even be female, let alone the girl shown in the photographs.

Many other similar scam emails are distributed, often with attached photographs. Some variants of the scam specifically target potential female or gay victims. Any unsolicited email claiming to be from a person wishing to begin a relationship may well be a scam. People interested in pursuing online relationships should only use reputable Internet dating services that protect the privacy of their clients. Properly run dating services will allow members to begin contact with other members via the dating service contact system rather then via direct email.

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