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Animal Mistreatment Protest Message – Firecracker Put In Dog’s Mouth

by Brett M. Christensen


Circulating social media message includes a graphic and disturbing image of a German Shepherd with its face partially blown off after youths placed a firecracker in its mouth. The message asks users to share if they are against the mistreatment of animals. 

Brief Analysis

Unfortunately, the photograph is genuine. This terrible act of cruelty was carried out by two drunken teenagers in Bosnia. The teenagers put fireworks in the dog’s mouth and duct-taped it shut. The dog – named Vucko – had to be euthanized. However, simply reposting the message is not a very effective way of combating the abuse of animals.


Kids placed strong firecracker in the mouth of this animal and made sure he could not open it. The world is like this. To these kids it must have been a macabre fun for a few minutes and then they continued with their life like nothing happened.

To this animal, his life ended during those minutes, with a pain so deep that is better to forget.

If you are against the mistreatment of animals, share this so that more people see what we are capable to do and how inhumane we could be.

Friends, I’m really sorry if this picture hurts you, I got hurt while posting too. I’m sharing this because of that I hope if some one near you tries to do these kind of things, you will at least try to tell them that this is really a harsh. Will you?

*Share* if you are against mistreatment of animals

Vucko Dog Injured by Fire crackers


Detailed Analysis

This protest message, which circulates via Facebook and other social networking sites, tells the story of a dog whose face was blown off when youths placed a firecracker in its mouth. The message includes a very disturbing picture of the severely injured animal. The message asks that users share the message and picture to show that they are against the mistreatment of animals. 

Sadly, I must report that the image is genuine as are the claims of what caused it. An article about the dog – named “Vucko” – published on animal welfare website notes:

Here’s the horrible tale of what happened to Vucko, the German Shepherd.

Two drunken teenagers in Bosnia decided to have “fun” by duct-taping a firework in a German Shepherd’s mouth and blowing off his face. Having done this, they took off, leaving the helpless creature to suffer. The poor dog, known as Vucko, apparently wandered in agony for five days, unable to eat. Finally, he was picked up by authorities and taken to a vetenarian’s (sic) office, but had to be euthanized after vets were unable to perform reconstructive surgery.

Given that there are no distinct laws in Bosnia regarding animal cruelty, the youths that perpetrated this terrible act are apparently yet to face any repercussions.

However, although no doubt well-intended, the message is nevertheless an ineffective method of protesting against animal cruelty. The message does not include any information about where or when the animal abuse took place. Nor does it outline any viable or concrete ways of helping to prevent animal cruelty. Simply sharing this message will do nothing to help. A better course of action would be to become involved with or help support established animal welfare organizations such as the RSPCA.

The report contains specific information about how to take action to pressure the Bosnian government to draft stronger animal cruelty laws.

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