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‘Aldi £100 Gift Card’ Facebook Giveaway Scam

by Brett M. Christensen

According to a post that is circulating rapidly on Facebook, grocery chain Aldi is giving everyone who shares a link a £100 gift card.

Supposedly, the company is giving away the gift cards as a means of celebrating its anniversary.  The post, which includes a graphic that appears to depict an Aldi voucher, claims that the giveaway is for today only.

However, the post is a scam. It has no connection to Aldi and people who participate in the supposed giveaway will never receive the promised gift card. And, no matter what day you see the post, it will still claim to be for “today only”.

A screenshot of the scam post:

Aldi Gift Card Giveaway Scam Post


Aldi has announced that everyone who shares this link will be sent a £100 Gift Card for its anniversary. TODAY ONLY

If you click the post in the hope of getting your gift card, you will be taken to a fraudulent website that first asks you to complete a short survey about Aldi. The fake site will pretend to check your answers and then declare you a winner of the gift card. However, this is just part of the ruse. All visitors are told that they have won, regardless of which survey answers they submit.

Next, you will be told that you must share the page and add a comment before you can receive your prize. By tricking people into sharing and commenting, the scammers are able to promote their fake giveaway across Facebook and gain many more victims.

After you share and comment as instructed, you can then click a button that supposedly allows you to claim your gift card.

A screenshot of the scam website:

Aldi Gift Card Scam Fake Website

However, clicking does not open a prize claim form as you would expect. Instead, it takes you to a third party website that offers the chance to win further prizes in exchange for providing your name and contact details. The site you are taken to may depend on your location and other factors.

The information you provide will be shared with dodgy online marketing companies who will subsequently bombard you with unwanted and annoying phone calls, emails, and text messages touting a range of equally dodgy products and services.

And, no matter how many sites you enter your details on, you will never get the gift card promised in the original post.

There is a constant stream of such fake giveaway posts on Facebook. The scammers use the names and logos of many well-known companies around the world. Be wary of any Facebook post that claims that you can win gift cards, vouchers, or other valuable prizes just by sharing and commenting.

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